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Among the many information available on the web, it is not easy to find quality articles and/or videos. If you want to provide your readers with useful content, avoid spam, and consistently demonstrate your marketing intelligence, consider content curation. Absolutely, here are 10 essential tools…


Feedly allows you to read content categorized by category. A true alternative to Google Reader, this platform selects content based on the choice of domains, topics, keywords, etc.

Try the free version to determine which content curation plan best suits your needs and enjoy nearly 100 streams with great organizing capabilities and the ability to share across multiple social platforms. Otherwise, with the Teams package at $18 per month and the Pro package at around $5 per month, you get more exclusive integrations, a higher level of support, and unlimited streaming.

scoop it indexes information from over 35 million web pages daily and ranks their content in order of relevance. This powerful, free and easy-to-use platform helps you easily edit, filter and share images and titles of relevant content.

With the paid version, you have access to a multi-user mode, statistics module and sharing on social networks. This is suitable for those who are accustomed to using Pinterest, given their similar interface.

publish it

This tool has the potential to generate 200% clicks, triple social reach, save 5x time and generate 250% more revenue. Quality and interesting information from trusted sources like Vimeo, YouTube, newspapers or magazines is organized automatically. These hundreds of thousands of sources are updated daily and hourly. To help you share content across different apps and platforms, PublishThis provides a variety of powerful APIs.


With the help of its volunteer experts and its 200 million users, Quora provides a question and answer system to answer questions from all users. This US platform is now available in a French version and can also be used as a keyword research tool.


To easily receive notifications about content that interests you, use Google Alerts. When a business mentions you or a keyword that mentions your business is mentioned online, this free tool sends notifications straight to your inbox.


Thanks to Buzzsumo, it is possible to view all the publications shared on social networks according to the chosen topic. Articles shared widely on social networks are more likely to interest your target. Buzzsumo helps you categorize content (videos, infographics, blog posts, etc.) by type and date. With this tool, you also have the option to follow certain authors, view backlinks, find influencers in your area, set up alerts, and more.


Companies that want a more specific duration can employ Curata. Based on the targeted profile, this platform makes it possible to find quality and personalized content, thanks to its INSPIRE search and recommendation engine.

It’s perfect for businesses with a bigger budget as Curata is available starting at $499 per month. This tool, which doesn’t have a free version, also allows you to create reports and manage content.


Completely free, Pinterest is especially well suited to companies operating in the DIY, decor, and catering sectors. This image-based platform is both a curation tool and an effective social network. By creating boards on Pinterest, you can easily share and find relevant content when you subscribe to boards from other companies. Its bookmarks allow you to pin content to your board, so you can read it, share it with your followers, or save a portion of it.


With Flipboard, you can curate your news sources and pick them up in a timely manner to access them when you need them. Both a news aggregator and a curation tool, the platform is available on both mobile and desktop, accessible in a free version.


It is possible to add many types of content to this tool, such as videos or articles, for example, from your browser or various applications, such as Zite, Twitter, Pulse or Flipboard. Added to your browser, this platform, both an extension and an application, allows you to save multiple articles that will be useful to you.

Regardless of which device you use, computer, tablet or mobile, you can access a variety of items stored in Pocket without having to connect to the Internet. This tool allows you to mark relevant topics or articles touching on topics.


Curation allows you to select a variety of sources to find the most relevant or informative and then share them with the target audience. With these various content curation tools, you will be able to find interesting sources to cite in your articles and come up with ideas for hot topics relevant to your industry. Plus, this digital marketing strategy allows you to create compelling titles for your articles, establish new professional relationships by citing content from other companies, and gain authority and credibility by being a source of quality information.

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