Coca-Cola Brings ‘Hilltop’ Ad To Life With New Samsung AR Emoji

To revamp a 50-year-old ad, Coca-Cola is releasing a vintage wardrobe for Augmented Reality emoji on Samsung.

Unity Collection of Coca-Cola

The ad in question, “Hilltop”, was released in 1971 and has since become one of the most iconic locations for the Coke brand.

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola announced a fashion-inspired clothing line in an ad called the Unity Collection.

Unity Collection is aimed at a digital audience

Thanks to its partnership with Tafi, the brand is transforming Ekta Collection to reach a digital audience. Also, don’t forget that emoji are both popular and effective communication tools to promote a company and increase its notoriety. Samsung Galaxy users will be able to dress up their emoji in augmented reality with the collection’s clothing, which includes shirts, tank tops, tracksuits and more.

Samsung’s augmented reality capabilities also make it possible to capture emoji as a moving GIF, a feature Coca-Cola is prompting users to activate to reflect the positive mood featured in the original “Hilltop” ad.

Coca-Cola also relies on nostalgic topics to interact with consumers. Like the original “Hilltop” ad, the virtual couture collection channels “Phool Shakti” with messages of peace, love and unity.

Thanks to this partnership, Coca-Cola is reimagining one of its most popular campaigns and leveraging mobile augmented reality technology to reach young consumers who may not be familiar with the ad’s fame Huh.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone users can access Coca-Cola’s 1971 Unity Collection apparel from Tafi AR Emoji through a link in their mobile device’s camera or through the AR Emoji Marketplace in the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Why Build a Strong Brand Image?

This ad campaign is a perfect example of building a strong brand image for your business. As a reminder, your branding is how you are seen as a business, whether it is online, through traditional marketing, or even word of mouth. This is how you are seen either for the bad or for the good. It can hurt your business success, how easily you can achieve your goals, and how quickly you can differentiate yourself in the market.

Simply put, branding is how your brand or business is perceived, Don’t Get Confused With Brand Identity, After:

  • is the visual aspect or literal face of your brand;
  • Includes logo, color, typography, message and packaging;
  • strengthens the existing reputation of its brand;
  • Absolute consistency is needed because it is the customers’ first impression of your business.

A strong brand image can transform the capabilities of your business. A strong brand identity + a strong brand image will make it easier for you to market new products like Coca-Cola and its partnerships with Samsung Galaxy and Taffy.

Developing a brand image is a simple process, here are the basic steps ,

  • Know your audience;
  • Define your value proposition;
  • Establish your visual identity;
  • Create your ideal and brand personality;
  • Cultivate brand consistency.

Knowing and communicating what your brand is all about and creating a positive customer experience are important ways to indirectly build your brand image.

Source: Tafi

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