Clubhouse reaches almost 13 million downloads in one year…!

With the pandemic, we are all looking for new ways to socialize. And the clubhouse arrived at the right time! The audio social app has seen a sudden jump in popularity all over the world in just one year of existence…

12.7 million downloads worldwide

Officially launched on the iOS App Store on September 14, 2020, Clubhouse celebrated its 1-year anniversary on March 17, 2021. Just 6 months after its launch, it has recorded 12.7 million downloads worldwide, mainly in the United States, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Russia, according to data from analysis company App Annie.

  1. United States: 3.2 million
  2. Japan: 1.8 million
  3. Germany: 735,000
  4. Brazil: 615,000
  5. Russia: 540,000
  6. Malaysia: 567,000
  7. Italy: 435,000
  8. United Kingdom: 397,000
  9. South Korea: 387,000
  10. Turkey: 363,000

Last February’s numbers were impressive too, falling from 3.5 million downloads on February 1 to 8.1 million on February 16. According to expert Vajresh Balaji, this figure has increased to more than 20 million downloads.

Will it be overtaken by multiple copies of it?

This has attracted the attention of other mobile applications, such as Twitter which launched empty space, or Facebook, which is working on an audio version of Messenger Rooms. This last feature could be a serious competitor to the audio application as it is tied to Facebook groups. Some are even announcing his death because, given the many copies facing a turn of events, internet users may no longer be interested in downloading Clubhouse, New Baby.

Nevertheless, Clubhouse could be a real opportunity to develop its digital marketing strategy, especially as it seeks to strengthen relationships with its main distributors and creators.

In this sense, Clubhouse announced a new “Creator First” accelerator program, which provides financial support and expertise to a select group of creators, aimed at helping them grow their audiences and monetize their Clubhouse efforts. To do. Clubhouse will ensure that program participants receive at least $5,000 a month through the app.

Clubhouse’s development so far has been impressive, but next steps will be necessary if the audio social app is to stay in the game. Will it overtake its multiple copies or will it deal with them in order to survive the new application?

Clubhouse brings value to you

As a marketer or entrepreneur, it is important to utilize every opportunity that can promote your brand or business. And that’s where clubhouse marketing comes in. Like any app and social network, it doesn’t guarantee success for your marketing and business goals, but it can be a valuable tool if you use it wisely.

One of the biggest benefits of Clubhouse right now is the opportunity to connect with some of the world’s most prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs. This “exclusivity” means that you will have access to almost all other users. Actually, everyone is at the clubhouse to deliver value.

Clubhouse provides the opportunity to connect with other famous personalities in your industry and to network with other business leaders. Beyond the ability to provide advice, you can also use it to become a thought leader yourself. As more and more people get invitations to join, it will pay off a lot to spend time establishing yourself as an expert and start getting clients very quickly.

One of the most interesting things about the app is that every chat room is a living being, and you’re never sure where the conversation will take you. So go ahead and see how you can learn new skills, provide valuable information, and generate interest in your business.

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