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That’s it, the Christmas decorations are done, the Christmas gifts race has begun! And every year there’s only one battle: finding time, money, and ideas! Every year, we change our strategy, doing our best to get the job done on time and for a budget we’ll always love less. Many people choose digital instead of facing the crowd. who are they? How much are they spending? What devices are they browsing on? So many questions that we will try to answer…

increased revenue from mobile

In 2015, during the Christmas period (November/December), e-merchants almost doubled their turnover (+43%) compared to the rest of the year. A slight increase (+2%) compared to 2014. If desktop continues to be the preferred device for Christmas shopping, mobile is experiencing real growth, rising from 22.9% in 2014 to 31.1% in 2015! And e-shoppers not only visit sites on mobile, but also buy. +33.4% conversions compared to 2014! In 2016, mobiles should represent 39.2% of online sales.

However, although mobile wins all the votes, it is better to adopt a cross-device strategy, as 40% of online purchases involve multiple devices (tablets, desks, etc.).


Growing “Christmas” Budget

With regard to the French ‘Christmas’ budget, the trend is increasing: +1.5% forecast in 2016. The French should spend up to €10.9 billion online this Christmas. Online purchases would then represent 16% of total purchases. Once again the growth driven by the internet and mobile in particular! In fact, the French should only spend €4.3 billion on mobile devices: smartphones and tablets (+54% compared to 2015).

Who’s to say the Christmas budget doesn’t just say gifts, even if they represent the largest chunk of spending. Of the total budget of €315 per French family, €559 will be spent on gifts. Then what are the French buying with this budget? Clothing, electronic products (tablets, PCs, video games, home appliances, etc.) and toys. In addition to gifts, meals (€177) and family reunion trips (€50) are also part of the expenses.

reasons to prefer digital

To take advantage of promotions. Many people take advantage of “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday” to start their Christmas shopping. A good way to take the guesswork out of and especially save money. In 2016, 32% of Internet users intended to take advantage of the previous weekend in November. An American tradition that is starting to gain momentum in the old continent, and especially in France, where spending should be 296 million euros this year.


Besides the hype, the Internet saves time. A reason that in 2015 was related to 61% of e-shoppers and especially 25-34 year olds as well as residents of le-de-France.

internet for inspiration

On the Internet, consumers do not necessarily want to buy. First, they use the web for inspiration and to look for gift ideas (58%). And inspiration begins in November (33%). They are specifically inspired by social networks like Instagram or Pinterest. One-third of Internet users use social networks to search for information about a brand or product. Social networks that provide 80% of counseling on mobile.


UrbanOutfitters website

In short, get inspired, promote and above all take care of your mobile interface so that the user experience is perfect!


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