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Online games, videos, comments in videos… From an early age, children are exposed to many online social interactions without preparation. To prevent overwhelm and thriving on the Internet, educators can reshape them by making them aware of the uses and challenges of digital technology. Hence the initiative of the School of Social Networks…

Social networks and today’s society

With the emergence of social networks, information and communication technologies have developed rapidly over the past 20 years. The pace of change is accelerating. For example, the development of mobile technology has played a significant role in shaping the impact of social networks. Across the world, mobile devices dominate and everyone has the means to connect anytime, anywhere on any device.

This explains why social networks are defined by their interactivity, connectivity and user-generated content. In today’s society, their use has become an essential daily activity. They are generally used for:

  • social interaction;
  • access to news and information;
  • take a decision

It is a valuable tool for sharing, creating and disseminating information as well as communicating with others locally and globally. However, although these are the platforms through which we socialize and grow our brand and business, there are several negative points to consider:

  • By sharing personal information, a person’s privacy is at risk of identity theft, theft and harassment;
  • Online social platforms are addictive and have led to a drastic reduction in productivity in the workplace;
  • This has led to an increase in the rate of cyberbullying;
  • False information or fake news can reach a large number of people quickly.

The possibilities, both positive and negative, for social media seem endless. Rarely do people go a day without using or mentioning them. Whether used to communicate, learn or make decisions, social media is here to stay and will continue to impact our society.

Develop safely in the digital world from an early age

Faced with a strong reliance on social networks, Social Network School provides educational resources accessible and fun to all. Their goal: to lead discussions with children on social issues in order to grow safely in the digital world.

In the classroom, elementary school children have educational games and activities that allow them to argue using one of 59 question cards and thus:

  • thrive on the Internet;
  • Make the most of it;
  • Protect yourself from the risks that exist.

Simple and Fun Educational Resources

While some elementary school teachers think this is not their role or the skills they need, L’cole des Réseaux Social offers simple and fun educational resources:

  • She runs communities for sharing teachers’ behavior on Instagram and Facebook;
  • She provides tutorials on her YouTube channel;
  • It conducts training courses for facilitators and associations working in schools.

Launched in France, this innovative service is also being rolled out in Europe, Poland, Italy, Spain and England before expanding worldwide.


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