ChatGPT Unveils Its Latest Updates on iOS and Bing

That’s it ! ChatGPT for iOS now allows using Bing to get search engine results. At its Build developer conference, Microsoft announced that Bing would become the default search engine for ChatGPT…

At this time, the free version of the generative AI application ChatGPT does not include any post-September 2021 information. ChatGPT users can remedy this by using third party plugins to access other information, although access to ChatGPT plugins is still quite limited.

But since last month, OpenAI announced the release of its ChatGPT for iOS users. Now, to expand the capabilities of its chatbot even further, the company has announced that it will also be able to access the Internet through Bing Search.

According to OpenAI, “Users can now access navigation to get comprehensive answers and current information about events and insights beyond the original model training data.”

To enable Bing web browsing in the ChatGPT app for iOS:

  • Go to your Settings;
  • Then activate the new “Navigation” option in the “New Features” section.
  • From there, choose GPT-4;
  • Click on “Browse with Bing” from the drop-down menu.

The new feature is currently only available to ChatGPT Plus users, whose subscription costs $20 per month.

The company has also released improvements to the search history. Now users can browse through their past conversations better and more intuitively.

While Android users are still waiting for a similar ChatGPT app, OpenAI’s blog announced, “Android PS users, you’re next!” ,

User hostile gesture?

Browsing, which Microsoft and OpenAI previously announced would be web-first this year, certainly makes ChatGPT a more useful assistant, especially for search. Previously, asking ChatGPT a question like “Which digital marketing certification course to choose” didn’t yield anything particularly useful or accurate.

While it’s disappointing that the update only allows engagement with Bing and not other search engines, it’s no surprise that this is the particular search tool that ChatGPT has integrated.

Bing is built by Microsoft, the company that earlier this year announced a major investment in OpenAI. The funding, which follows two other similar rounds of support from Microsoft in 2019 and 2021, was valued at up to $10 billion. ChatGPT is also already part of Bing Search for the web and is integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser.

But limiting ChatGPT’s search capabilities to Bing seems like a user-friendly move. The commercial motivations are clear, but Bing is far from being the alpha and omega of search engines.

in conclusion

The addition of browsing functionality to ChatGPT Plus by OpenAI gives users a valuable tool for searching the web within the app. While this enhances ChatGPT’s capabilities and provides access to more up-to-date information, the exclusive use of Bing as a search engine raises concerns about limited choice and potential bias.

As OpenAI continues to refine its offerings, it is necessary to consider user preferences and explore partnerships with multiple search engines to ensure a comprehensive and fair experience for ChatGPT users.

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