Candy Crush – 4 key points to turn the player into a prescriber-buyer

Applications for smartphones are on the rise. Web traffic via mobile is exploding while that through computer drops a bit. Today, a real growing segment of video games, “mobile games” are in great demand through various platforms such as Google Play or the App Store. Meanwhile, Candy Crush is establishing itself as one of the most used and downloaded apps in the world. So that the declared turnover for each day is approximately $650,000…

That’s why I decided to immerse myself in the shackles of this strange universe and to find out what levers and springs are candy Crush Fully mastered and mastered the development of your strategy. After a few months of reflection, we can extrapolate the Candy Crush strategy to all game-type mobile applications that seek to optimize and maximize the number of downloads, and therefore potential buyers.

Be careful, it wasn’t done without risk, and despite the many precautions, Candy Crush addiction wins me over little by little.

(Don’t hesitate to encourage risk taking by spreading this article around you )

We can see 4 categories required for this proper functioning:

1/ Material

This is the basis you can call it, and you won’t go wrong. Like any product or service offered in today’s world, content is the first criterion of consumer choice.

“Why am I buying a pack of milk and not orange juice?” Because I want milk”

“Why am I buying Pack A and not Pack B?” Because pack A is good while pack B is dirty and not really good. ,

Content is clearly a fundamental thing, well-aimed in the age of time, that would make it possible to attract users of applications.

Nevertheless, for candy Crush SagaContent is neither its difference nor its premium advantage. Of course, the concept of the game itself is interesting, but many such games exist and will continue to exist. The puzzle and puzzle theme is arguably one of the oldest games in the world.

So, if the material isn’t the original marrow that made it successful, what is it?

2 / atmosphere

The environment represents all the peripheral elements for the content of the application. Whether it is sound with music, sound effects, graphic elements with colors, pictures, photos or even tones of different messages.

The atmosphere is of all these different elements and defines the creation of happiness and dreams. It is for the most part that will define the user’s escape and his desire to find this universe so that he can escape from his daily life.

and yes the experiential dimension can be developed and can be important in a smartphone app, In Candy Crush, the universe is “magical”, super colorful and completely unreal. So much so that it is a real source for relaxation and for being unaware of what is happening around it.

The sounds, and especially the music, are repetitive and calm, intended to bring the user to this zone of escape as much as possible.

Lastly, the shapes used in Candy Crush are more or less round, avoiding right angles. It’s reminiscent of the fact that these shapes soften the game and the scene even more.

3 / rhythm

Perhaps the ingredient we think about the least. And yet it is not impressive in the least!! Rhythm defines the fluidity of the game, but above all it serves to prevent boredom and fatigue of the player. It’s a manager of the strong and weak beats of the gaming experience.

A slower pace followed over a longer period of time will create this visceral desire for the user to move forward and succeed. It is at this moment that the “power” to answer this desire must intervene, a “help” or a possibility to allow an object to satisfy and accelerate its progress.

The rhythm makes it possible for the user to manage the progress of the game’s difficulty. If the initial levels were too complicated, the player would give up very quickly. So increasing the difficulty is nothing new, but Candy Crush goes even further.

Indeed, many people have noticed that after a difficult level, a sequence of 2 to 3 easy levels has to be noted. By integrating these few easy levels, the player’s satisfaction increases and their desire to continue playing increases.

It is known, we like to play when we are good. We also love sharing his performance with his friends, which we will see in the final component.

4/ Sharing

Word of mouth is a real discipline around which you have to work, reflect and implement plans and tools to generate, expand and support it.

We have looked at base, peripheral connections, and rhythm driving desire and gratification. In the end, therefore, we must adhere to the cornerstone that allows all of these to work at their best.

It revolves around sharing andIntegration of social networks into the marketing strategy of the application.

“I want to say it’s cool, that we have to come with me to this game. But I can’t because I haven’t been offered the equipment to do it.”

Applications are often not thought of in terms of word of mouth like marketing strategies.

“We hope there will be” Where “It sure will be buzzing, you see how cool it is.”

If only it was that easy. But no, word of mouth is a real discipline around which you have to work, reflect and implement the plans and tools to generate, grow and support it.

Word of mouth is a real discipline around which you have to work, reflect and implement plans and tools to generate, expand and support it.

Here at Candy Crush, word of mouth was thought of even before the application was created.

“How can we convert our users into prescribers?”

Simply by connecting this application to Facebook. Thus, to advance in difficulties, players can ask their friends to invite them as “referrals”. It is available as soon as the game is connected and at each stage of progress.

In 1 click, everyone around them is made aware of the application and can come and play; The trust placed in the invitee clearly outweighs the trust placed in any and impersonal advertisement.

This is how Candy Crush has evolved, allowing people to talk, show off their performance and let others know that we love this application.

Candy Crush - 4 key points to turn a player into a prescriber-buyer

in conclusion…

We have looked at marketing, word of mouth and psychology adaptation together for one application for smartphones. Clearly this analysis can be extrapolated beyond mobile applications, and used in the implementation of a more global strategy for a product as a service.

Candy Crush has fully identified and implemented the components that allow it to establish itself as one of the most downloaded and profitable applications today.

One question still remains: Is the algorithm governing the Candy Crush saga designed in such a way that we are forced to buy into, at one time or another?

I leave you on this point.

PS: I reached level 90 for my studies, and you?

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