Meta isn’t just thinking about the evolution of the metaverse. Faced with the rise of Chinese social network TikTok, the Mark Zuckerberg-led company announced the global launch of Facebook Reels, an Instagram-inspired feature that focuses on short video content in a vertical format…

Facebook Reel is also available in France

Last September, Facebook Reels was publicly launched, but only United States of america. Now this feature is available globally In over 150 countries via iOS and Android apps. This key element of Meta’s response to TikTok’s strong threat allows creators to cross-post reels from Instagram or share short-form video content to Facebook to reach a wider audience.

The company states that videos are currently very representative for the application’s users. Almost half of his time is spent watching videos on Facebook. The idea of ​​the platform is not just to promote this new content on social networks. Its purpose is also Provide a way for content creators to monetize.

How? According to Facebook through banner ads, stickers and more, which are still expanding.

New Features on Facebook Reels

In addition to the features announced last year, manufacturers around the world will be able to access four other tools:

  • draft : it will be possible to create a reel and select “Save as Draft” under the Save button;
  • video clipping : video clipping tools coming soon in the next few months, so creators can publish live, long format or recorded video and experiment with different formats more easily;
  • north 60 seconds: The reel will last up to 60 seconds;
  • remix : Creators will be able to create reels alongside existing and publicly shared reels on Facebook. When you create a remix, you can create reels that include all or part of another creator’s reels.

In the coming weeks, Meta will introduce new updates to make it easier to create and find reels in new locations:

  • flow top : A new reel label will be available at the top of the stream for easy creating and viewing of reels in just a few clicks;
  • reel in stories : You can share public reels in Stories on Facebook, which makes it easier to share your favorite reels with friends and gives creators more visibility. You will also be able to create reels from existing public stories;
  • reel in clock : You will be able to view and draw the reels directly in the watch screen.
  • In-Stream Reel Suggestions : In some countries, Meta suggests reels from people you don’t know and you can like directly in your feed.

To try these features:

  • Simply access the updated Facebook app on your iOS or Android;
  • Look for the New Reel tab at the top of the screen;
  • Just like on Instagram, you can start building a reel right away.

Facebook Reels Towards Content Monetization?

On the other hand, “new monetization tools for reel creators” are also on the way. They will be powered by ads appearing as stickers at the bottom of Facebook reels and as semi-transparent overlays.

For now, these latest features are reaching users in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Meta says its ad revenue sharing monetization program and fan support Will be arriving in more countries in the coming weeks,

Source: Meta