Build personality to communicate more effectively

In marketing, communication is a very important point. This allows you to address your goals so that you can easily reach and celebrate them. But before being able to communicate, it is important to define who this target is…

In fact, one of the first steps to accomplish for effective communication is knowing who you want to message. To be successful it is necessary that building support for people, Let’s tackle building the personas for your communication success…

A personality: what is it?

personality nothing morea fictional character who represents the goal of your company or target group, Individuals behave like your target. Their behavior, their preferences or their motivations are similar. These characteristics are typical of a given service or product. They have names or first names to stick to reality.

Creating personality isn’t a must for your business, especially when you’re not working in a team and you know who the target is. Persons are indicated in the case where you are present in a team and you want achieve common goals, Personality allows you to focus on the goal in order to perfect your communication.

More specifically, personalities will help you develop new features of the products or services you offer to customers. they You Will help improve site content in line with customer expectations, The customer journey will also improve significantly.

One person should not be accessing just one customer class. It should be implemented in an inclusive manner, so that it covers all.

Work Upwards of Creation: Goal Setting

Since individuals are like goals, they should be like them in every way. So there are some basic things to keep in mind before creating a personality.

First and foremost, you must Ask about your future customers, your potential customers, the competition And even on those who wouldn’t have the right personality profile. Next, you’ll need to get information about your goals. This step involves the receipt ofInterview, Statistical Analysis, Market Study or Questionnaire,

When seeking information, it is important to focus on the information that will be most useful to you. Once this information is received, you will proceed with customer segmentation. Segmentation is done according to common and divergent behaviors noted during your research.

types of persons

There is not just one type of personality. Just like there is no one way to build a personality. Generally, you have two types of personas: user personas and marketing personas.

user personality

These individuals are still called design persons. Their role is to represent the people who use your products or services. Thanks to user personas, you are able to adapt to the needs of the user. Users focused on personality person and his real desires,

marketing personality

Personality focuses on marketing customer data, He is interested in age, location, buying motivation, media, and more. Persona marketing is used to assess customers’ receptivity to a message. However, they do not or do not make it possible to determine the use or functionality of a Service.

ways to build personality

Before you start building personality, it’s good to know that in order to be efficient, you need to: make as few people as possible, In fact, you’ll be betting on the individuals who will be the most representative during construction. Then all you have to do is implement the following methods:

Person X Storytelling

These types of individuals are usually more elaborate. They have a story and allow you to really immerse yourself in the customer search. This allows for better customization of the offer.

To successfully create these individuals, You can work on his profile (geographic and demographic data, personal data). you will need Describe their personality, assess what influences their purchases, lifestyle and motivations,

You also need to figure out what goal they want to achieve by using your product or service.

done to work

This second way of building your personality is based on the principle that buying a product or using a service allows you to secure a job. here you must Find the reason for purchase, Obviously, it is looking for inspiration for such a purchase.

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