Build a strong link with your audience thanks to your newsletter

How to build a bond of trust with your audience with your newsletter? you know, the famous saying speaks The money is in the list…but before you manage to sell to your audience through newsletters, you have to build a bond of trust with them, a unique connection, a “je ne sais quoi” so that they will want to buy from you. This is what you will find out in this article…

A newsletter with a conversion rate of 4.2% is still the best way to make sales today, whether you’re selling a service, product or training.

But a newsletter is much more than that… it is not just another element of marketing and communication.

This is a great way to communicate with your audience. It’s a way to keep your customers by making appointments, but also to get them to talk more about you, your values, or even you! A way to differentiate yourself from the competition. simultaneously ?

Thank you for the newsletter, the email list is yours.

You are no longer dependent on social media platforms.

You no longer need to struggle trying to figure out (vain) Instagram’s algorithms!

You no longer need to point things in the air with your hand to get visibility and engagement!

It is the ideal tool for conversion and confidence!

1/ Make an appointment with your audience to build a bond of trust

Regularity will be the key! It’s important to make appointments to your audience, and especially to settle there.

With quality content every week, you give your audience the first foundation of trust.

Yes, but how to be regular and what to tell them?

If you’re just starting to build your mailing list, I recommend keeping some newsletters on hand! To do this, use the batching technique.

what is that ?

A simple organizing technique. Block 4 hours in your diary and write your newsletters. You will notice at first that it will take time to get the words down on paper. But with experience, it will become more natural, clear and sharp.

If you have no idea about what to write for your audience, I recommend keeping in mind topics that you and your audience enjoy talking about.

I always invite you to come back to our customers’ problems, many ideas will come up!

In your work with a client, draw on anecdotes from what you experience on a daily basis.

Always think about what it can do to inspire, influence, motivate your customer to buy from you.

Regularity is the best way to retain your audience with quality content!

2/ Talk about yourself in the newsletter to build this bond of trust

What better way to talk behind the scenes of your business than with a newsletter? But your values, your motivations, what drives you in your daily life, what motivates you?

By talking more about you, your readers will identify with you, your values ​​or your why, but also your way of life.

However, don’t monopolize what you say about yourself, it should help your customer. You can tell him, if that’s the case, that you used to be like him, that you know what he’s going through. If not, stage the client.

By showing her your daily life, what is important to you, you will build this essential element of trust in the relationship and sales!

3/ Use your mascot to make a close link

Mascots will be very useful for your reader to enter more into your universe and thus create a closer link to your newsletter.

How to find your mascot? It could be words you invented, or even an accessory you wear all the time, a historical character you portray, a highlight of one of your mentors. You can discuss your aunt who doesn’t understand anything about your work, a pet peeve that might be highlighted in your newsletter…

All this once again for the purpose of adding to this relationship of trust.

4/ be the divisor

Be divisive to excite the crowd. Don’t be cunning, take a stand on what matters to you. This will strengthen the connection with your audience in your newsletter.

Have the courage to express your opinion on the practices of your coworkers that you don’t appreciate. Think about what annoys you about your core business, something that annoys you, and share it with your audience.

So, yes, you may have unsubscribed some, but people who agree with what you just pitched will be more fans of you.

Keep in mind that a newsletter subscription is not the same as an ordinary subscription to an Instagram account! See the people who read you as your biggest fans.

That’s what being divisive will bring you. Of course, at the risk of upsetting your audience, don’t clash in each of your newsletters. But sometimes highlight a particular incident or thing that makes you angry.

5/ Write while speaking

Be you is the best advice I can give you. As you write it is the copywriting advice that will serve you the most.

Your reader is not there to fix the tray correction. He wants no introduction, no thesis, no conflict!

He’s there for you, he wants to understand your personality behind your words, no matter what, or send someone who talks immaculately like big company!

You are the top man, bring it out.

6/ Reuse your audience’s words to impress

Write as you speak and slip into your audience’s words. That way, your registrant will think you’re on their mind.

Other than this ?

Using your audience’s words will make your readers feel that you understand them very well!

Summarize your newsletter to build a link with your audience thanks to

  1. Make appointments with your audience, be regular;
  2. talk about yourself;
  3. Find your mascot;
  4. Be divisive in your comments;
  5. Write as you speak;
  6. Write in the words of your audience.

To delve further into good practices and avoid classic mistakes, I recommend reading this article.

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