5. Forth issue of his magazine more traffic more businessThe experts at CyberSight have decided to create a special edition to present you Digital Growth Lever in BTOB,

Audience generation terms and techniques applied to BTOB are proposed for you in the logic of building sustainable, and obviously profitability. They will allow you to see and understand these mechanics, whether it is SEO, display advertising or the tracking of aggregated data.

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The difference between BtoB marketing and BtoC marketing often boils down to a question of behavior, target type, length of sales cycle, and decision complexity. However, behind these clear specifications of BTOBs, there is always a person who will follow an influence, ask for information, do the purchase. And this person will be exposed to various information during his/her decision-making process which will lead him/her to make a choice.

But behind these obvious similarities hides a real difference: viewership!

In fact, the efforts deployed in BTOB to develop its visibility and enhance its performance are all the more important because the audience is smaller than in BTOC, and therefore often hyper-competitive. In BTOB, it is not possible to limit yourself to one lever to drive your growth. Every corner of the audience should be used to the maximum, so coverage should be maximized. Whatever lever: SEO should be combined with SEA, the content should not only serve SEO but should also be at the heart of your social strategy. Media (organic and sponsored) and media, and finally nurturing your hard-earned leads.

5 inth number of more traffic more businessYou will find the following topics:

  • BtoB SEO: Is It Really Different From BtoC SEO?
  • Google Ads and BTOB: (R) Growth?
  • CRM My Love: The love story between your data and your tools to improve and track your conversions
  • Define your social advertising approach in BTOB: Facebook and LinkedIn, strategies that are both similar and different!
  • Datagarden, where your business grows: Benchmark, find and monitor the performance of your SEO and the content of your digital ecosystem
  • Organize Collaboration Between Your Agencies: Best Practices for a Successful Website Building or Redesign Project!

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