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Discover the latest innovations to surprise, satisfy and retain your customers. You will develop a strong, lasting bond with your target. These products can also be given to your employees to strengthen their attachment to your company…

Answer all your strategic challenges

According to 2FPCO survey1, 75% of French people who received this type of gift remembered the company concerned. If they like the item, a beneficial effect on the brand image is seen. Still according to this study:

  • 67% of the French then regularly use it;
  • 88% find them practical, useful;
  • Would like to get 77% more.

More than a simple gift offered to thank customers, associates, employees, it responds to the following challenges:

  • gain visibility;
  • improving brand image;
  • likely effectively;
  • customer loyalty ;
  • Motivate, unite employees;
  • increase sales.

These means of communication have good return on investment. By accurately targeting your audience, you gain in efficiency. It is an enduring advertising message, capable of re-energizing the positive feelings associated with your brand with each use. The cost per contact is attractive:

  • 79% of people who have received one then research the brand;
  • 83% say their brand is more likely to become a customer.2

Required new advertising items

Differentiate yourself from the competition by choosing original, creative, useful, ethical marketing materials… From augmented reality to hyper-personalization, the latest innovations are rediscovering the rules of the game, expanding the possibilities.

Surprise with Augmented Reality

A simple QR code to scan pushes the boundaries of reality to provide your customers with a unique experience. Once the code is scanned, the user sees a message, an animation, a video displayed on his/her screen, etc. Each medium refers to the content chosen according to your objectives: promotional coupons, information sheets, photos, personal messages, etc. Creativity. To positively surprise your target by providing useful information. These can be updated as needed. Thus they retain all their relevance over time.

Good to Know: Augmented Reality to Measure Your ROI

QR code Can integrate trackers. You closely follow useful indicators to measure the return on your investment, For example, you’ll know the number of people who’ve scanned a code, clicked a link, or signed up for your newsletter.

It is possible to paste QR codes on multiple media, such as:

  • mug;
  • Clothes ;
  • leaves;
  • Letter ;
  • Notebook ;
  • Picture…

All business sectors can take advantage of augmented reality to communicate with their target. For example: industry, commerce, construction, tourism, sports, leisure, health…

Ultra-personalization to engage your audience

To personalize a media means to personalize it according to its recipient. With new technologies, it is now possible to get to know your customers deeper. You can send him specific messages based on his profile, wishes, needs. You have all the information you need to make your promotional item unique. Choose a color, pattern or product line based on your target’s preferences. For example, add a mug, a USB key, a T-shirt, a pen, the recipient’s name on a notepad, his or her company name…

Banking on ultra-personalization is an easy way to win over your customers. You increase the perceived value of the gift. Your target feels gratitude. She develops a strong attachment to the brand. A product considered to be of quality produces 30 to 40% more beneficial effects3,

Bet on Environmental Responsibility

Choosing the Right Items for Innovative Communication Required to build customer loyalty. The ecological and ethical aspects should not be forgotten. The environment is a major concern: 70% of French people consider themselves to be environmentally responsible. They are also 27% to declare in favor of Made in France.4

Marketing by commodity must take this into account in order to better meet customer expectations. Suggest for example:

  • a recycled pen;
  • a reused paper notebook;
  • a biodegradable bookmark for planting;
  • An eco-responsible enclosure made from FSC-certified maple wood from sustainably managed forests;
  • An ecological induction smartphone charger;
  • a wooden bottle;
  • a recyclable glass mug made in France;
  • A fair trade organic cotton shopping bag.

Good to Know: Advertising Media and Ecology

According to consumers it is necessary to obtain ethical (87%), ecological (85%) goods.5

Promote your CSR with gifts that reflect your company’s values. Choose ecological, ethical, eco-responsible advertising products, which are made in France and are fully customizable.

Do you want to strengthen your CSR approach? Join the Ubicuity Programtm, By becoming an ambassador you integrate the circular economy. This program helps your business reduce its environmental impact.

3 key points to remember:

  • Augmented Reality allows tracking to measure ROI;
  • Personalization of advertising media strengthens the connection with your audience;
  • The environment is now a major concern for the French: choose environmentally responsible products.

Advertising methods are always being rediscovered to better attract customers. Make a difference by choosing innovative and ecological support. BV Agence Objets Media provides you with over 800 customizable references to meet all your needs.







Article written in association with BV, Agence Objets Media

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