Billibili, China’s hottest video platform

Bilibili is a longer-lived content platform than YouTube in China and arguably the most similar. Bilibili is a story short video blog in China and one of the most popular content platforms,

A video sharing application in China

Bilibili is a Chinese website and video sharing application based exclusively in Shanghai, focused on live streaming and mobile games. It provides anime-related content to attract users under the age of 25 who post videos with their friends through bullet chatting.

In China, it is also called B-站 (B-station).

founder of bilibilik

Its founder, Xu Yi, wanted a site like ACFun, but better. That’s why they created Bilibili with 90% of their audience coming from this demographic, who appreciate active communities where people are constantly interacting online, just like we do in our daily lives!

Bilibili for brands

Bilibili is a super famous Gen Z platform in China that brands need to consider. The site has grown tremendously since its launch, gaining popularity among youth across the country who want to express themselves freely without any restrictions or fear of being judged by others online. With the rapidly increasing visitor numbers to Bilibili, officials decided it needed to be expanded. Apart from their core subjects such as music videos and dance, they also offer films on other fields including science, technology, entertainment, film/drama, fashion, daily life, advertising as well as e-commerce live streaming services, thereby Allows the audience to interact. with streamer. Bilibili now offers a much wider range of all these different types, which will allow viewers more choices when they are looking for the most suitable content for them!

237 million users

Billy is a qualitative video platform with long content

Bilibili saw its revenue increase by 58% last year and now accounts for 1/5 of online audiovisual content consumption. The number of Internet users watching videos has also increased by over 40 million since the summer of 2021, making them 95% of China’s 944 million netizens today (December 2020). Other video formats, such as live streaming and pre-recorded movies, account for 60-70%.

When a user joins Bilibili, he has to watch long videos.

Brands who are unfamiliar with traditional marketing models will face a challenge on Bilibili. This new platform provides an opportunity for brands to connect and gain popularity among Chinese younger generations. But it requires creativity, as preferences on these social media sites can change quickly if users don’t like what they see from day to day or year to year.

The Key to Success on Bilibili

  • quality material;
  • Long content, 10-30 minute videos;
  • regularity in posts;
  • Improved engagement for the promotion of videos by the platform.

There is also the possibility to create and even sell original ads on the platform through a mini program. Read more information here.

The Beginnings: Manga Sharing

Bilibili is the favorite destination of anime and manga lovers! The site has an engaged community with specific interests such as ACG (Animation, Cartoon/Graphic Novel). More than 80% of Bilibili’s users belong to Generation Z, that is, people born between 1990 and 2009.

Example video on Bilibili

This generation is smarter than any other generation when it comes to consuming digital media, which means they are very influential when it comes to making purchase decisions. From TV shows to streaming services like Netflix or Spotify, some even call themselves the “IO Generation” because of their wide expertise across all platforms.

All type of video extension

Bilibili is a site that offers videos of many different styles and sizes. Called the “YouTube of China”, it is unique because it offers both mainstream content, such as cartoons or Hollywood movies, and niche content, such as non-mainstream documentaries (or even children’s programs). . Their wide range of platforms makes them different from rival video sharing sites for uploading your own downloads. According to Google Analytics data there are currently over 555 million total views per month!

On the platform, there are especially influential people who make long videos like Papi Jiang.

high publication standards

Bilibili has a strict access system which makes it one of the only video sharing platforms in China with high standards. To register as an official member, users must answer a comprehensive questionnaire ranging from the company’s history to Japanese manga artists, a process that significantly limits its development, but ultimately limits the quality of the platform. gives a guarantee.

community culture

The community culture of the Bilibili platform thrives in large part thanks to these elite members, who use a wider variety of media, such as music or games, than the average internet user. It improves the way they interact within our social networks by increasing user retention rates.

synchronized conversation

There’s Bilibili (danmu – “bullet comment”) and it’s something you’ll never forget.

These time-synced conversations are directly overlayed as the video plays, making them easier than ever! Danmu is the best way to experience Bilibili! Danmus allows you to access all your favorite content and participate in conversations with your friends. It’s like you were there, but without ever leaving home for school or work, because the system syncs so seamlessly with video that we’re always connected, wherever life takes us, if only at night. I turn off the screen while watching television. Thanks to the Danmu system, social interactions don’t just happen on the second screen, they happen literally next door when you watch a video unfold before it’s streamed from anywhere in the world.

Platform success in China

Following the success of Bilibili and its many partner sites, Xue Yi has become one of China’s most well-known entrepreneurs. Forbes estimated his net worth at $1 billion in 2017 with a majority stake in Bilibili. Over the years, Bilibili has become one of the most popular websites in China. As the leading video-sharing site in China, with over 300 million active users and 300 million daily page views through 720,000 videos, it is now establishing itself as an entertainment hub for domestic and international audiences. The site features content ranging from live music concerts to anime series to TV series, which can be accessed via a mobile app or a desktop computer. This month, the site announced plans to expand to English-speaking countries, such as North America, to reach more international fans who are looking for fun, on-demand Chinese shows without subtitles.

The future will tell us whether the platform will come to Europe and France.

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