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If you were looking for an excuse to get into dropshipping, the DropshippingXL Invitation Program could be the answer…

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model that rapidly opens the door to online sales. When you make a sale, the supplier packages and delivers the product directly to the customer.

Dropshipping has gained huge popularity due to the low entry cost and no investment in storage, inventory or shipping.

In fact, dropshipping is so successful that in 2023, 28% of all global online sales will be done through dropshipping, according to Forrester’s research.

Based in Venlo, Netherlands, DropshippingXL is the dropshipping program of online retail giant, VidaXL. Although it started in Europe, today DropshippingXL is an international supplier of products with fulfillment centers in Poland, USA, Australia, UAE and Japan.

This powerful platform helps entrepreneurs to source quality products and deliver them directly to their customers. This means costly overhead is eliminated, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Plus, you get access to exclusive discounts and reliable support.

reliable supplier

E-commerce is an emerging industry globally. According to Forbes, by 2023 the e-commerce industry will generate $6.3 trillion globally. However, it is essential to choose a reliable supplier that meets your dropshipping needs. With DropshippingXL, the program offers several benefits:

  • 0% commission on sales;
  • Free cancellation possible at any time;
  • 24/7 sales support;
  • over 90,000 products;
  • Possibility to sell in any of 34 countries of the world;
  • API and product feeds;
  • Customer returns are handled for you.

With a flexible and reliable return policy, DropshippingXL ensures that your customers receive their orders quickly and are satisfied with their purchases.

Large catalog with 8 product categories

One of the best things about DropshippingXL is the huge selection of items for sale. New products are launched every month. The items are designed and manufactured based on the current market trends and the demands of the clients. This means that dropshippers in the DropshippingXL program are always competitive and vying for the attention of online customers.

Choose from the following eight categories:

  1. furniture, lighting and home decor;
  2. Garden furniture ;
  3. sporting goods;
  4. baby products;
  5. toys for children;
  6. pet care products;
  7. electronic equipment;
  8. Industrial and DIY supplies.

Valuable Resources to Get Started

One of the most difficult hurdles is deciding where to start. For anyone new to the dropshipping business, it’s tempting to give up before listing your first product. DropshippingXL provides clear and concise resources to guide and reduce confusion among beginners.

Get started with these blogs:

  1. Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping
  2. How To Do Keyword Research For Google Dropshipping Ads
  3. 6 steps to start an online business
  4. The Ultimate Guide: 21 Summer Products to Dropship (2023)

Also, the inexperienced ones need not worry, DropshippingXL has also launched the Dropshipping Academy to make it even easier to get started in dropshipping, the academy provides free content and tutorials for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

success stories

Reading other people’s success stories can be a secret weapon in the early stages of your e-commerce venture. It requires a lot of motivation and persistence.

For example, Jeff Bezos started Amazon in his garage. He worked hard to develop a strong business model and built the largest online retailer in the world. By learning from successful people, you can apply winning strategies with less trial and error.

One of the stories of DropshippingXL is that of Vincent who earns €50,000 per month today. “In the beginning, like all new activities, there were some difficulties,” he says. “But after a few months, I started earning €20,000 a month. A year later, I achieved an annual turnover of €600,000. By no means does this happen 30 days after setting up your dropshipping store, but with the right mindset and business understanding, you can find yourself in a very profitable niche. ,

Another online business owner, Kevin, also uses DropshippingXL. He says he made up to €20,000 a month. “Marketing was the only thing I needed to invest most of my time in and it wasn’t that expensive considering the high returns,” Kevin explains. Through Facebook ads and Instagram posts, they ran an effective marketing campaign.

Are you ready to build your e-commerce business? Sign up for DropshippingXL. Sell ​​commission-free from an inventory of over 90,000 high-quality products worldwide. Start Dropshipping & Making Money Today!

Sponsored article written in collaboration with DropshippingXL

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