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In addition to the question of community manager pricing, we often ask ourselves a question, ” How to organize your day to take advantage of social networks? , With the astronomical growth of these social networks, the latest trends, strategies, processes and analyzes need to be reviewed several times. You get the feeling that the job of a community manager is never-ending! So how do you balance your busy day without disturbing your professional and personal balance? Follow these tips to learn how to better manage your day, increase your productivity, and ultimately get more done in less time…

your morning routine

Set a specific time to see your emails

Start your day with ease by browsing through your inbox. One of the most effective ways to increase productivity as a community manager is to schedule and stick to tasks in your calendar. Just as you block times in your calendar for your meetings or appointments, set a specific time each day to check and respond to your email. This will help you to concentrate fully on your work. So don’t let your inbox control your time or energy.

View your editorial calendar

Check your social media editorial calendar to see what’s happening on your various pages. This tool allows you to plan your content long term and short term keeping in mind trends, seasons, other events related to your business.

Not only does this allow you to better plan your next marketing campaigns, but it helps to:

  • Save time with organized content;
  • Publish content consistently;
  • make fewer typos;
  • Stay in touch with your audience.

Schedule your meeting in the morning

Try to schedule all your meetings and appointments early in the morning, as this will help you work uninterruptedly later in the day. Effective planning means you can devote more time to the most important tasks sooner and more easily deal with when the unexpected happens.

Build your to-do list

Having a clear to-do-list not only improves your professional life but also your personal life. Throughout the day, as you cross items off your list, you’ll feel a sense of progress that you don’t feel when rushing from one activity to another. This sense of accomplishment will help motivate you to keep moving forward instead of feeling overwhelmed.

your afternoon routine

follow the figures

At the beginning of the afternoon, devote time to analyzing data to assess the effectiveness of strategies implemented on social networks and to uncover valuable opportunities for marketing development.

do content curation

Follow the latest social trends and adapt to them at the right time. To be successful on social media, you need quality content – and lots of it! Content curation is the process of collecting, organizing and sharing online content about a specific topic. It allows you to discover topics, collect news or market trends, and find inspiration to create unique content.

create new content

Once you’ve tackled all the important tasks on your list, take the time to create content quietly.

Optimize social media ads

Your work doesn’t end once you create the content. Creating a campaign that generates enough traffic, engagement, and hits to target will be your next task in the afternoon. Social media advertising campaigns are an important part of your paid social media strategy. When used properly, social media advertising can increase your brand awareness, and reach the more targeted leads you want directly on your website. Social media ads work like PPC ads: they take more effort to create and target, but they can be very profitable once your strategy is well defined.

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