BeReal, Will This Anti-Instagram Social Network Be The New El Dorado In Digital Marketing?

Created in 2020 by two Frenchmen, Alexis Bariat and Kevin Perreau, BeReal is the new trendy social application! Compared to other social networks, the application created by two graduates of Xavier Niel’s School 42 relies on a simple concept: authenticity. A New Opportunity To Seize In Digital Marketing?

BeReal, what is it?

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Another new trend: BeReal, your friend for real. This application aims to be the anti-Instagram or Tik-Tok, two social media that give pride of place to staging. On the other hand BeReal (“be real” in French) is moving away from the grooves dug by these giants of social networks: Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok. There’s no change here, as the app doesn’t offer the ultra-realistic side that its competitors often don’t come across.

BeReal Digital Marketing Social Network

The rules of the game for this new social network are unlike any other

The concept is simple: every day, a BeReal user must At a given time, take a picture within 2 minutes. This short period doesn’t allow you to retouch your photos, or apply makeup, or even choose photos to publish.

Next, BeReal users receive a notification on the media: “It’s BeReal time. You have two minutes to catch BeReal and see what your friends are up to.

So this notification invites you to take two pictures of what you are doing, one with the front camera and one with the external camera, within 2 minutes. These pictures taken on the spot will then show what you are doing at the moment, with your face and all this without filters, without artifice.

Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Marketer? If you do not comply with this content creation, you will not be able to see what other users publish. There is no point in downloading and registering the application, if it is just for consulting, as this is not possible. From the very beginning, this key removes the voyeuristic side of the user who consults the publications of others, because in order to be able to consult on BeReal, you must follow this technique of content creation.

During BeReal notifications, the device’s front and rear cameras are triggered at the same time, providing snapshots, real, true-to-life photos without artifice and without retouching. This detection of urgency cannot be spoofed, as the application records the number of times a snapshot is taken before it is published.

The social network lives up to its name and makes it Digital Marketing of Communication Strategy and Authenticity Its main driving force. As in other social networks, interaction via comments is always in play. At the same time, a small change can be seen for the emoji, which have been replaced by Realmojis, the emoji created from the photo. Even if you missed the notification, there is still the possibility of making other content, “latebireal”, at any time of the day.

The figures at BeReal that speak for themselves!

This social media strategy that goes against what the competition is offering is the source of its success. If in the beginning, BeReal made it possible to find out what your friends using the application are doing, it has been enriched with the “Discovery” functionality that allows you to see what is happening elsewhere in the world Used to be.

Thus, you can trace the daily life of users from all over the world thanks to BeReal, once you activate the public mode. As a brand, this will be an opportunity for the social media manager or community manager to establish an authentic brand image, and thus boost its notoriety and its e-reputation. In other words, a presence strategy is enough to give influencers ideas! And this is also where this 100% French application continues to surprise with an increasing number of users from the United Kingdom, South Korea and especially the United States where it is experiencing the strongest growth.

In 2 years of existence and steady development, The number of monthly active users has increased by 315%. Thus, in August 2022, the application recorded nearly 10 million users, which comprised 65% of the downloads made during the same period. In October 2022, a milestone was also achieved over 50 million downloads Whole world. This is a huge difference compared to 400,000 regular users in early 2020. So a successful digital transformation, but will it last?

BeReal, a success determined to last on the social network?

Will BeReal become the new social network to use in your digital marketing strategy to integrate into community management? In order to attract Instagram’s 2 billion daily users or TikTok’s billion daily users, two creators Alexis Bariat and Kevin Perreau will face different parameters they didn’t expect when it comes to effective content creation strategy.

If Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or Twitter, to name a few, rely on FOMO or fear of missing out (fear of missing out), a certain fatigue is felt by users doing the daily BeReal. Indeed, daily photos of people in the office or sitting on their couches tend to wear off on social networks after a certain amount of time.

Furthermore, if market giants allow marketing actions to monetize the content of their platforms by staying connected for many hours, the BeReal Social Network, seeking to differentiate itself from other social media, builds on the essentials lives: Interact with the public. The app’s description on the AppStore is even more clear: “BeReal will not make you rich or famous, stay on TikTok and Instagram if you want to be an influencer”.

What about return on investment? Given that users only log in once a day, the profitability of BeReal’s business model is unclear in the medium to long term for now. if social network Valued at $600 million, several investment funds have not hesitated to invest several million dollars, the most notable being a16z by Andreessen Horowitz or DST Global by the Russian, Yuri Milner.

In addition, the two creators of BeReal also have to face technical problems driven by its robust growth. The number of users connecting at the same time leads to overheating of the server and thus to the appearance of bugs, which is not terrible for the user experience.

Hopefully, the developers working on the project will soon join a team so that they can sync with the various major social networks.

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