back to the future?

Flagship of “All Papers” post office Once our mailbox was filled with advertising material. My first task was to drop a “bundle” of newspapers into each mailbox as quickly as possible…
stop pub sticker report Time spent on the road / mileage And the rise of “all digital” finally prompted me to leave this physical world, obsolete and harshly criticized.

With experience in this field, I stow my bike in the closet to enter telemarketing, a field that’s both promising and basking in the form of “untimely mailbox jams”… the “unknown” call at 9 p.m. less intrusive than, I found out SMS Marketing Through a mobile operator (beautiful coincidence) who informed me that my Samsung phone has just arrived at the correct parcel relay point. The only way to communicate without spam, SMS remained an impersonal virtualized flyer in my eyes when I received this incoherent promotional offer “private sale eyeshadow!” three times in a row. click here “…

The smartphone market chameleon is constantly evolving in search of technological performance while the old SMS elephant is celebrating its 20 years without really evolving. what can it do fossil SMS to market professionals? How to respond as a consumer in the face of this boom in digital demands? By studying the panoramas of the market players, let’s try to unravel the secret of your texting friend’s longevity.

Fountain of Youth for Marketers

Let us now break out of the Cartesian myth that SMS is a highly efficient, practical and quick weapon to hit its target. (97% open rate vs 20% for e-mail/mediametry studies/AFMM). The validity of SMS in multi-channel strategy allows players to add an “arrow of immortality” to their bow. Non-detailed overview of the forces involved:


bench 2

In the art of digital display or return on investment is the prerogative of the gods, SMS Factor To try to remove the masters of the place turns into a troublemaker…

Taking advantage of the brilliance of digital one-to-one, the company offers a simple and efficient liquidity solution.

Campaign Creation Flat in 3 Minutes:

  • import of contact files;
  • personal message;
  • Integration of hyperlinks.

5 steps

Five steps that ultimately take a few minutes and are in line with the expectations of professionals in trading. Like sending texts, SMS FACTOR runs on execution speed and visual restraint. The ergonomics is reminiscent of Android with its sub menus, widgets and freedom of action. The dashboard provides data for analysis and adjustment of indicators.

The new Eldorado of instant communication is no exception to SMS privacy regulations and other good practices followed by professionals in the field. There is nothing worse than a lowcost offer that sends SMS illegally on Sundays to damage their brand image.

Consumer: And why not take advantage of it?

You are unique: Loyalty Through Personalization: Why Stand In Line At The Front Of The Store When You Just Got Your Phone On “Sales: 10% More If You Submit This Text Message In The Store Tomorrow.” “Let’s take advantage of” Privilege Lessons!

it makes your life easier : Confirmation of appointment with dentist, Alert of receipt of urgent package … No need to write on your wall calendar, SMS takes care of everything, or almost!

It follows you everywhere: Geolocation for promotional messages Personalized according to your situation? SMS responds perfectly to the essential issue of mobility.

It saves you time and space: Stop printing your coupons and other vouchers. Do not fill your wallet with loyalty cards. Dematerialized Ticket or M-Ticket is the solution!


For Marketers: Be the first to use this new promotional vehicle and take advantage of the current discount period.

For Consumers: 160 characters can make your life easier! Personalized, interactive and informative: take advantage!

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