Baby Shaker: Awesome iPhone Application

Last week, Apple had to withdraw baby shaker An application from the App Store where the object of the game is to move a virtual child until it dies. What are the repercussions for the Apple brand? What’s on social media? ,

The “Long Tail” Approach and the Limits of Open Innovation

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Each application is meant to enrich the experience of an iPhone holder. For each of them, a specific audience is “served” with a vision of the world and related priorities. We rely on the mechanism of the long tail where the “diversity” criterion is most important. We have a system of self-regulation, an ecosystem like Twitter with a basic service and many applications on the periphery.

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But only here, in the case of Baby Shaker, the world’s vision is inconsistent with the rest of the gap. This application has come to “disturb” the ecosystem of the App Store because ethics are not meeting place.

Blog except for Baby Shaker (now withdrawn from circuit) geek culture Tells us that other applications should also be reviewed.

The matter is not over yet as evidenced by Letter Written by the founder of the Sarah Brain Foundation, where it is specified that 1000 people who have downloaded the application should receive instructions on Shaken Baby Syndrome as soon as possible.

Finally, it is a concrete example of crisis management in our times when social media is powerful. Mere excuses are not enough. Recognizing the facts is certainly necessary, but it is also essential to understand the many consequences (widening the field of problem perception), to organize the network and act as quickly as possible. The discussion continues in the blogosphere and Twitter ,

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