At the end! Clubhouse may launch its Android version in May 2021!

Clubhouse, certainly one of the trendiest applications of this year, is a good part of the competitive strategies of the social network Facebook (Hotline). Twitter (spaces), Telegram (Voice Chat 2.0) and others. He didn’t hesitate to follow in his footsteps by emulating the principle of this application: audio chat. It also has a feature that has attracted many users, namely the closed system of invitations. Only, it’s currently only available on the iPhone… but maybe not for long!

An Android version of Clubhouse coming soon?

In recent months, Clubhouse co-founder and CEO Paul Davison has indicated that the audio app will soon make its way to Android and may even be open to everyone.

Last February, Clubhouse hired an Android developer, Mapeva Ogundeep, to help the company develop apps for Android. His tweets clearly indicate that the development of the Android version of Clubhouse is getting better and better with images shared first via the iPhone and then from the Google Pixel.

Another tweet by Morgan Ivets also confirmed the development of the app for Android and speculated a May 2021 release date.

The Android version of Clubhouse is available worldwide

Last April, Clubhouse for Android was already undergoing internal testing and was on the right track. Apart from the official launch date in May this year, it looks like Clubhouse will take the opportunity to end the invitational system.

So far, this has served both to find a way to take control of the development of audio applications without compromising their functionality and to create a certain aura of exclusivity for many users. ,

And it’s done! Since May 2021, the Voice Clubhouse social network has expanded its Android application worldwide. Clubhouse, an audio-only viral social media app, is now launching on Android after a year of iPhone exclusivity.

Clubhouse has started rolling out to Android users in the United States and is expanding to reach nearly 2 billion operating system users over the next few months. But since its launch, and following rapid growth earlier this year, Clubhouse’s security and privacy have raised concerns.

A new version to revive the popularity of Clubhouse?

After reaching nearly 13 million downloads a year, Clubhouse’s popularity may be waning as others like Facebook and Twitter launch similar features. So Clubhouse should hope that the launch of Android could change that.

At the time of the launch of this new version, users could not follow a topic, create or manage a club, link their social profiles, make payments, or access their profile name or username could change. The startup said it is working to bring iOS functionality to the Android app.

Clubhouse’s global rollout on Android comes at a time when dozens of tech companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Reddit and LinkedIn, have either launched their own similar offerings or announced their intention to do so.

In its current state, Clubhouse can provide major benefits to brands in terms of awareness and community development. But because of its innovation, it also creates challenges and inconveniences for companies that want to reach as many audiences as possible. Ultimately, while some businesses can flourish, others may find that it is not yet the best platform for their goals. It is up to you to see if this application is right for you and when you are ready to use it.

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