Are webmarketing techniques still as effective?

With the explosion in the number of online businesses over the past decade, many web marketing techniques have become popular not only with entrepreneurs, but also with the internet users to whom they apply!

Let’s take an example: offering a free product for capturing emails.

This technique is very popular: it is used by a huge number of bloggers.

But why they offer an eBook, training or “for free” has become an open secret…

Almost everyone now knows that its purpose is to retrieve email addresses in return for promoting content (free and paid) or services.

No need to be a connoisseur in webmarketing to know this technique!

And this is an example among many others…

Suddenly, one wonders whether, in the end, all these widely known and used webmarketing techniques do not lose their effectiveness?

And above all: should we still be using the various web marketing techniques at our disposal (at the risk of sounding like a bad rug dealer)!?

Why Web Marketing Techniques Always Work!

Let’s go back to the example of a free product to capture email…

This technique has been used since the emergence of professional blogs on the net.

And it is still used everywhere today!

The Reason?

It works!


It can also be very famous among Internet users, but this does not affect its effectiveness.

This is exactly like the prices of 9.99…

Over the years, everyone has understood why businesses, stores, and supermarkets prefer a penny withdrawal rather than a round price offer.

But it works!

Certainly because we know the trick, it still has an effect on an emotional level.

Similarly, when an Internet user has the opportunity to download free content that helps him/her in solving his/her problem (or promises to help him/her in any case), he/she may wish to download it. Email is ready to deliver!

Even if we know the goal is to promote ourselves behind it, it’s hard to resist the urge to get something for free – at least when we see some value in it.

The choice is emotional.

The same happens with so-called “reduction” techniques.

When I see “exclusive offers” with countdowns or limited numbers, I know it’s a technique to encourage me to complete a purchase.

However, even if the offer interests me, I will feel the urge to act immediately.

Although I know the technology by heart, it continues to affect me emotionally.

And the same applies to many other marketing techniques: because they work on an emotional level, they work (at least to some extent) even if you know about them!

In fact, it is very easy…

Marketing undergoes a kind of natural selection over time

If a technique no longer works, or works less well than the other, it vanishes!

It is being abandoned or replaced.

So: If a technique is still widely used today, no matter how old or popular it is, it is most likely because it is still in effect!

However, it is true that when a technology stops being innovative, it becomes less effective.

As it democratizes, people develop a better “resistance” to its influence – unless it is actually implemented very well.

But as a general rule, popular web marketing techniques are effective!

And it is precisely because they are effective that they are popular.

Where Internet Marketing Has Changed

That being said, amateurism is no longer really tolerated today.

That is to say, even 10 years ago, you could have completely ramped up your marketing or used techniques to the fullest, you still had a pretty good chance of making a sale.

Sometimes a lot!

However, your marketing today must be of good quality if you want to be successful on the Internet.

For example: You can make a lot of sales by simply putting a few pages online to present your product…

Whereas today you need to have well developed sales funnels to get the right conversion rates.

But on the other hand, today you also have tons of tools to improve your marketing.

Upon looking a little, you will see that the webmarketing software used to build sales funnels is enormous!

And they allow you to set up effective funnels in record time.

Whereas a few years back it was a problem. You had to nest a lot of plug-ins together (and cross your fingers that one of them didn’t screw up the others…).

Same goes for the timer (countdown) in your sales page.

Today, with software like Thrive Ultimatum or Deadline Funnel, you can add a timer to your sales page in minutes to add a sense of urgency and crunch to your offers.

And it works really well!

You can increase your conversion rate with this little technique.

So, today you must have better quality marketing…

But that’s no excuse for not having better marketing, given all the tools available to you.

Finally: Web marketing techniques work, and…

Yes, marketing techniques are always effective!

And I’ll go further…

You can’t do without it!

You need to make use of many of them if you want to get new customers and make a mark with your online business.

the more you use, provided they are Similar to what else are they for your business Good Used, the more you increase your chances of generating more sales – and the better, of course!

Many novice entrepreneurs imagine that they can accelerate their marketing because their product and/or service is the best they think…

This is a big mistake!

It is not the quality of your product or service that determines your success, but the desire you give your prospects to order them!

And what is marketing if people don’t want to buy?

It’s your job to decide what action you want your prospects to take.

That’s what web marketing techniques are for.

And (always) with much greater efficiency when they are used well!

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Richard Luet : Entrepreneur since 2013 and always obsessed with the Internet, I support men and women in the success of their web projects.

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