Application of Google Glass in various professional fields

Google Glass Revolution. we enter era of connected objects, and in this new era, the item that will revolutionize commerce, the way we consume it, our daily lives and ultimately our entire society, I name… Google Glass!

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Google Glass is a connected glass equipped with several devices: mini-screen, integrated camera, microphone, photo and video sensors, touchpad on an arm, HD display, 16GB of flash memory, gyroscope, etc.

thanks for the concept augmented reality, we are going to see the world in a new way, with many exhibits before the eyes of individuals, in direct contact with their environment… development of multiple applications, Of course, you’ll find standard apps optimized for Google Glass: the weather forecast, Twitter, Shazam, or even Glassgram, adapted from Instagram. And a requirement of Google’s product, the glasses will be linked to Google functionalities such as Google Calendar, Google+, Google Maps, Gmail, voice recognition, and more.

Will Google Glass eventually replace our mobile phones? We may no longer have rectangular objects at our fingertips, but glasses with a small screen on the retina permanently! By freeing our hands again, this gadget of the future will allow us a wide field of action, You still have to learn to do many things at the same time…

Google Glass at the Service of the Professionals

Beyond simple trendy gadgets, Google Glass could turn into some professional areas a necessary tool,

Doctors, police officers, journalists, athletes, cooks, tourists, real estate agents, animators, first aid workers, pilots, recruiters, architects, bankers… The fields of action of these ultra-connected glasses are unimaginable , It’s simple, all professions that require displaying information, taking photos or videos are concerned.

Here are some examples of using Google Glass:

in the field of health

Since medicine is a visual profession, Google Glasses will allow doctors to access more information such as a patient’s vital signs, customize training, supervise more easily, and more. Less inconvenient than a computer screen, surgeons can, for example, monitor a patient’s electrogram in real time during an operation. Other possible applications of Google Glass in the health sector:

  • sending photographs and preliminary information by emergency services to prepare for intervention;
  • During an operation, the possibility of remotely contacting specialists for surgical issues;
  • Remote medical visits…

in real estate

Google Glass has many applications in the real estate industry. Take a far-flung tour, display information related to the district, property features or current market value, immerse yourself in accommodations for furnishings projection, and more. Explore other potential applications in the real estate sector.

in tourism

Tourists can easily find their way around, display places of interest in a city or district, or translate billboards. Whether in the museum or in the street, thanks to the concept of augmented reality, works or monuments will no longer be a mystery!

in the police

The glasses will allow criminals to be identified in a matter of minutes, thanks to their facial scans which will make it possible to discover their identity, access all their criminal records and all other data available on the web.

in first aid

Google Glass will help save lives! Area firefighters will have the information they need at this time. For example, they may display a plan for a fire in a building. Encountering a damaged car, firefighters will be able to ask spectators for the best evacuation methods to free trapped passengers.

In the feild of education

In education, especially in e-learning, Google Glass will play a big role. Filmed tutorials, practical work lessons… We can imagine many ways of teaching with entertaining educational material in direct contact with the environment.

in piloting

Thanks to Google Glass, airline pilots will be able to access all of the device’s technical documents, but will also be able to communicate with the ground while keeping their hand on the control stick.

in espionage

Conducting live competitive intelligence will without a doubt be possible. Thanks to Connected Glasses, videos of competing stores, customer service, products or current promotions can be made discreetly.

In play

The glasses will allow you to take pictures or film your performance. It will also be possible to display its statistics, its exploits, the position of its opponents or its geographical location. We can even imagine the fans re-living the first day’s match from the perspective of their favorite player…

for recruitment

Google Glass will become a real tool for helping recruiters: recording interviews, consulting LinkedIn profiles, sending messages, and more. Other applications in job search:

  • Consultation of job offers offered by the store in front of you;
  • Demonstrate the connections that the brand may have with recruiting executives;
  • use of facial recognition.


Google Glass will change the way we consume but also our daily activities. Here are some applications in our daily life:

  • In the course of his purchase, the following may be superimposed on reality: the composition or origin of the products, instructions for use, recipe ideas or even their shopping list;
  • While the food is being prepared, the recipe can be displayed in augmented reality;
  • The presence of Google Glass will simplify your money management: consultation of your accounts at a glance, the geographic location of the nearest agency or distributor, video contact with your advisor.

Google Glass sees endless possibilities for its use, and could revolutionize a vast number of businesses. While awaiting its official release in France, What do you think about Google Glass? Do you think they will revolutionize our society and change the way you practice your profession? Do you see other potential applications for Google Glass?

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