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Have you ever gone on vacation alone or with others? Have you ever been on the lookout for great deals where you were? Of course, there’s Facebook to help you out, but let’s face it, finding the right plan is complicated! And who tells you that the found event will be really pleasant and will be in line with your wishes of the moment? it is here that Meet’n Go! enters the scene. At the dawn of its launch, here is a presentation containing an interview with Vincent Taylor, the founder of the application …

Hi Vincent, A little word to introduce yourself and find out where you come from?

During my master’s degree, I had the opportunity to travel in Europe (mainly Budapest and Alicante) and it really changed my life as much as I was able to do with the meetings I held over France. after my return. I realized that my country did not live up to my ambitions and I no longer felt at home. In the long term, I want to settle in San Francisco, but I want to see a few countries before settling. So I decided to move to Australia to do my end-of-study internship.

Well, tell us about the rest of your Meet’n Go adventure in Australia.

After this 6 month period, I worked for a startup hoping to be sponsored and able to live in the country. It never happened. Suddenly, I am exiled once again and this time to Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks to a network of French engineers, I quickly found a job there, while 42 (of which I was the manager of the chapter on Melbourne and the current manager of Auckland). Today, I work as a front-end developer for Saatchi & Saatchi (the advertising agency of the Publicis Groupe). I have work during the day. In the evenings, I work on Meet’n Go! With this application, I am now dealing with organizing evenings for travelers.

Before starting this project, I faced a recurring problem that all travelers face: finding a night out in a city you don’t know. Of course, there are groups on Facebook and, but these are more for already organized events. There are also many apps that are in the same place, but they are often UX (user experience) Very borderline and personally, I had never heard of it. Therefore, we will try to “crack” the market with a quality product and relevant features and organize crazy parties at the same time!

Excellent. In short, what is Meet’n Go for? It’s like a social network for travelers, isn’t it?

If Meet’n Go was just a social network, groups on Facebook would suffice. But this application allows you to see in real time what is happening in a city. Thanks to a Snapchat-like simple interface, we “Uberize” Saturday evenings. Meet’n Go will therefore allow travelers from all over the world to meet in groups of 6 in the evening, which is ideal to be sure of the quality and simplicity as possible. Today, this is what the first version of the application offers anyway. I’m sure features will be added over time. Personally, I’d really like to integrate gamification, but we’ll see how meters use the application and if this feature is one of the popular ones.

Speaking of “Meters”, are there plans to organize any concrete events soon?

Sure ! Vicky, an early adopter, became a co-founder, and I host the event every weekend. Several beta testers join us and we spend the evening together. After all, this is the goal of Meet’n Go! But above all, we organize an evening “Meet your mates”. About thirty people attended the first edition of this social speed meeting held on 25 July. These were just for a nice evening meeting new people.

Meet'n Go  meet your friends via
All these events allow us to build our community and validate the concept of our application.

What is the future of Meet’n Go in 2015 and 2020? Who is this really for?

Today we are focused on launching Meet’n Go in Auckland. Nevertheless, we already have many objectives for the years to come. In the period 2015-2016, we intend to be present throughout New Zealand. Having an active user base we can say that we have successfully completed the first part of Meet’n Go and we are delivering a quality product.

To ensure the development of the application internationally, I want to travel the world promoting the launch of the application in the largest cities. This wish has been made possible thanks to our “meet your mates” evenings. It is also a time to test our team and their ability to deal with issues and conflicts and see if we are on the same page in the long run. This trip should also end in San Francisco.

Finally, by 2020, the ideal will be what happens before, during and after the evening, but above all to facilitate the migration and travel of my compatriots and all citizens of the world! Travel has really changed my life. I would like to share this experience with those who haven’t got a chance to live it yet.

Great. Thank you Vincent for your story and your project. Good luck on this launch and see you soon at an event in Paris or elsewhere, who knows? I

Meet’n Go! It’s up to you to experience it now!

Meet'n Go App


Mobile app under test (on request)

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