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A discussion with Mark Zuckerberg on augmented or virtual reality, an interview with Elon Musk on cryptocurrency, Drake, your colleagues and some of your closest friends… they may have more in common than you think…

And if you follow the biggest trends in tech and marketing like us very closely, you probably already have the answer. It’s really clubhouse, this new very specific application that’s throwing the web like France in the United States.

Whether you’ve been following or recently interested in this emerging social network and its apps, you may be wondering whether you should take advantage of it, and most importantly, what’s behind its success. What is marketing strategy..

Clubhouse, what is it?

Smartphone view and clubhouse app icon

Clubhouse is a social network based on verbal conversation and exchanged live and then by many people. The app, launched in April 2020, allows users to join chat rooms, called rooms, in which they can choose to participate and interact with other members of the network or just listen.

In the app, users can locate and join existing chat rooms based on their interests and profile. rooms Clubhouse can be accessed by all Clubhouse users, by members of your network on the App, or by just your friends. All users can browse and visit public chat rooms, listen to discussions and participate by raising their hands. Each member can create rooms and start their own discussion with or without the help of a moderator. It is also possible to form clubs around a similar interest on the application.

Screenshot of Clubhouse app

Enough already to imagine the potential of Clubhouse in terms of its commitment to building a close relationship with its audience!

What makes Clubhouse so popular?

A marketing strategy based on influencers

So what is it that makes Clubhouse so popular?

To answer this question, you need to remember how the clubhouse works. Each chat room offers a surprising cocktail of podcasts, live streams and social events.

Audiences enter a room not only to learn more about specific subjects, but also to bond with very specific personalities. The list is impressive and can give the impression of a new Eldorado of influential people: Elon Musk, Shaka Senghor or Mark Zuckerberg were for example. early adopters Of application.

Like Tik Tok and its very influencer-focused marketing strategy when it was launched, Clubhouse seeks to fit an entire ecosystem of personalities in the tech sector.

thrill of exclusivity

That’s why a good part of Clubhouse’s marketing strategy involves creating a sense of exclusivity. We want to participate in these closed circles, because we don’t want to miss anything and we want to know that we count. And again, we’re just curious! That’s why iPhone owners in tech or marketing circles haven’t dropped these invitations to download the app.

And the exclusivity continues once on the app, as the second point that makes Clubhouse Chat Rooms so unique is that audio isn’t recorded by default. Everything that happens on the app is live. As soon as the chat room creator decides to shut it down, all that has been said disappears.

This temporary nature of the content on Clubhouse makes its use very addictive and leads users to spend hours and hours on the app. If you log in here and there, you might be surprised to see that some of your contacts are accustomed to it.

A type of material that meets an existing need

The format that is both direct and open, and allows for the creation of discussions, is developing not only at Clubhouse. Facebook is reportedly looking at offering similar functionality and Twitter has been experimenting with audio or ephemeral formats for some time.

Sharing audio-only content naturally enhances the success of podcasts and live streams. It allows users to rest their tired eyes from the screen and engage in conversations whenever and wherever they want.

The proof of this interest is a very simple figure. The Clubhouse user database has more than doubled in a month to reach 2 million users in January 2021. And this, while the app was not yet available on Android and was accessible by invitation only. With such a rapid increase in the number of users, we can only see their appetite for audio content.

And from a data point of view, what is it?

But on the data usage side, how is Clubhouse doing? Because if the application prides itself on keeping no trace of the various discussions that take place in its ephemeral and virtual rooms, it would not be the first time that a start-up has come up with something to hide about the usage of data. Personal.

We can therefore think of the various scams and data leaks that have affected GAFA in recent years, and the many revelations related to the use of location data or personal data by applications of all kinds that prompt many Internet users to seek alternatives to GAFA. inspire to.

It is therefore no surprise that CNIL recently launched an investigation into the clubhouse to verify that the application is in compliance with GDPR. A German consumer association was already alert in early March about some violations by clubhouses in the area.

Hence the matter to follow with respect to the protection of privacy.

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