Another marketing trend for the coming months

Last year was an opportunity for many brands and marketers to work on their communication on whatsapp, The thriving application has crossed the 5 billion downloads milestone on Play Store before TikTok which we mentioned earlier.

WhatsApp . joined the closed club of 12 applications passing 5 billion installations, Clubs in which we find among others: YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Facebook,

While the application no longer bothers older phones (WhatsApp announced in late 2019 that it would no longer update the application on older models of Android or iOS phones), Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, is considering monetizing advertising. After doing it goes back and leaves the project.

WhatsApp marketing will not go through banner ads, and luckily!

he will go through one to one communication
With your prospects and customers or even through groups that can serve as after sales or prospects nurturing.

There’s no doubt that Facebook will continue to look for new ways to monetize apps, especially through new services for businesses. Therefore, it will be necessary to keep a close watch on the announcements to be made on this subject in the coming months.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp remains a communication channel for you to consider your marketing strategy.

Some would prefer Telegram, which provides interesting options for managing user groups/communities.

But, the numbers they are, WhatsApp is the application where the most users are found, so it makes sense that brands prioritize this leverage for themselves. communication skills.

Especially since there is a good chance that WhatsApp will soon offer a tool equivalent to what Telegram has to offer. without counting projectsIntegration of Facebook / Instagram / WhatsApp messaging Which, if they were to be true, would provide advertisers with an extremely powerful communication tool!

And you, do you use WhatsApp for your marketing strategy? If yes, what are your tasks?

Source: phoneandroid, 20 minutes

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