Another loyalty factor for the French

ShipStation and PackLink, the leading e-commerce shipping management solution, reveal their latest data on the primacy of the delivery factor in the buying process. The survey, focused on the buying and selling habits of consumers and e-merchants, was conducted among 3,000 consumers and more than 600 merchants in six major markets (France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany and Australia).

Delivery, an important element of loyalty for the French

Among the main reasons that would encourage e-consumers to buy regularly from the same brand, the French ranked quality of delivery in second place (45.6%), behind affordable prices (63.8%) and promotions offered by the brand. (42.8) %) or the quality of the product itself (41.6%). In contrast, e-merchants’ perceptions seem to differ from their customers’: 79.2% of them think that product quality is the main loyalty factor, ahead of quality of customer service (63%), then delivery (52.2%).

62% of e-consumers identify high delivery costs as the main deterrent to renewing their purchases from a brand. 76.8% of them also believe that it is not possible to buy from a brand again after a negative delivery experience. This perception is shared by e-merchants, 96.3% of whom believe that a poor delivery experience has a negative impact on customer loyalty.

Offer Various Delivery Options

When paying online, one in five French people (21%) often, if not always, abandon their basket if their preferred delivery option is not offered to them. While home delivery remains the preferred option for French consumers (59%), pick-up points also appear to be particularly popular in France, where 32.4% of e-consumers prefer this delivery option. A figure that puts the country far ahead of its European counterparts, such as Italy (16%), the United Kingdom (6.2%) or Germany (5.4%). A trend well understood by French e-merchants, 40.1% of whom deliver mainly to pick-up points.

, Taking care of the delivery experience is essential for e-commerce companies who want to not only boost their sales but also want to retain their customers. Regardless of business size, today’s consumers expect flexible, reliable and affordable delivery options or they’ll buy elsewhere. says Matthew Trattles, VP of Revenue at Octane (the operating group of PackLink and ShipStation).

he adds : ” By partnering with shipping specialists such as ShipStation or PackLink, e-tailers have access to multiple delivery options that they can offer their potential customers in addition to fast and efficient service, saving time and money., ,

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