And Samsung overtakes Apple, where when the student outweighs the master

challenges of mobile marketing Appear under the smartphone incentives, a new digital CRM support that allows market players to communicate, build loyalty, win new customers and get on the wagon M-commerce…

place confirmed in mid-May that Samsung Galaxy S5 is attracting more and more people, and the manufacturer allows itself to post many sales! No less than 11 million smartphones have been ordered in just one month!

For nearly four years, two major manufacturers Apple and Samsung Engage in a real “yo-yo” game selling your smartphone models without actually being able to stand out from each other. When Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, it was far from us to imagine that Samsung, then a budding challenger in this field, would play the success guaranteed by Steve Jobs at the dawn of a digital revolution. ,

But in 2013 Apple was forced to limit production of the Iphone5 as demand fell. In three years, Samsung has become a leader in the transversal sectors (engineering, chemicals, electronics, etc.) by repeating the already relevant marketing strategy: The machine is in place.

Global Smartphone Market Share

Q1 2013 Q1 2014
Samsung: 32.4% 31.2%
Apple: 17.5%


While Apple is betting on the product, Samsung creates a great poker game by focusing on marketing:

“follow the leader”:

Qualified as a follower – not to say copier – Samsung quickly grasped the enthusiasm of the younger public for the iPhone-type smartphone and in 2010 launched a copy of Apple’s flagship model … cheaper! The first stroke of genius that would mark the beginning of a prudent strategy.

By copying the well-known products of the market leader, he takes advantage of what Apple has done while still standing up to the price. With each new iPhone, Samsung will react until the arrival of the Galaxy S4, which many consider to be the smartphone of the moment. by this mobile phone working, Samsung became the challenger and pushed the Apple brand on the ropes. Second painful uppercut…

from frontal attacks (Cut prices by aligning with Apple’s product qualityside attack (Target Apple’s communications weakness), a long act of encircling (Launch multiple attacks on tablets and smartphones at once), and a real judicial guerrilla war, Samsung becomes the executioner of a fallen champion.

An apple lost in the galaxy:

Even though Samsung has admitted to copying Apple, it must be admitted that it is a masterstroke.

By reducing its costs related to manufacturing new models, Samsung is investing in a whole Communications in its own way. Refusing to market the lack of product, Samsung is launching a wider range of products, with slightly less sophisticated products than Apple, but meeting user expectations.

And it pays, in 2012, Samsung seized the mobile and smartphone markets. The Samsung product is based on the same technology as Apple, but supports a free operating system – open source– Which pleases technophiles, fond of application development and greater customization.

In the era of 4G and multi-screens, Samsung responds with 5.5 inches, thus differentiating itself from its direct competitor to meet the growing demand for the new. Videoverse.

communication campaign to conquer the universe

Since 2012 Samsung has released heavy artillery and openly denigrated Iphone users. Without fear or disdain, the activists are sent to an Apple Store in Cindy, branding the “awakening” a provocative and foreshadowing of the fall of the Apple Empire.

Advancing your strategycombat marketing Samsung is developing the art of embarrassing Apple by targeting the image of opposing resolutions in its persuasive spaces.


Leading a revolutionary marketing trend, Samsung is thinking big, and was successful in convincing London Heathrow Airport to be renamed in 2014 as … Terminal Galaxy S5 !!! At the same time, three stars of translation Samsung in Korean means to be big, strong and eternal…

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