Acquisition Strategy Design, New Generation Marketing Plan [LIVRE]

Today, we offer you to read a little through this book offered by agency 1min30… Do you want to understand the customer’s buying process in its entirety and its entirety so as to develop it as a whole? Do you want to understand your customer and lead him/her in your journey from purchase to sale? You will love the acquisition strategy design…

Acquisition Strategy Design: Definition

Acquisition strategy design is a generalist or systematic approach, focused on the development of the customer throughout his buying journey. Unlike other common acquisition methods, it breaks down barriers between all the disciplines involved in the buying journey (sales, communication and marketing) to create a global and more fluid customer journey.

Here are some very famous, but very common methods:

  • AIDA Method: Too Common;
  • Inbound marketing: not always appropriate and may be out of date in some specific business contexts;
  • Demand Waterfall: Based primarily on an internal organization logic and offering a unique model that is not customized for every company.

Therefore acquisition strategy design is a real tool based on a systematic approach to optimally design an acquisition strategy specific to your activity.

This method allows:

  • Get Clarity: You improve your understanding of travel buying thanks to a detailed view of the key steps and actions your customers take during their journey.
  • Develop a more effective strategy: After identifying your customers’ key steps and actions during their shopping journey.
  • Unionize your teams: You’ll have more effective, more productive and more meaningful meetings to improve the customer journey by breaking down the barriers between your communications, marketing and sales teams.
  • Multiply your points of contact: You will be able to meet the expectations of your customers and thus increase your sales by developing new distribution channels.

This method provides a acquisition mapping, It provides an overview of the acquisition specifications:

  • Communications ;
  • marketing and sales;
  • All the sub-features of these interrelated disciplines.

This shows the need to break down the silos between these different specialties and the importance of collaborative work around a common approach.

Furthermore, to effectively implement your acquisition plans, it provides systemic approach Step 4:

1. Acquisition Canvas : This Design Thinking Tool allows you to analyze and understand all relevant topics and answer multiple questions. At this stage, ask yourself the right questions:

  • Who finds the problem and how?
  • How does he get involved in the problem?
  • How is the solution discovered?
  • What are the decision making criteria?

2. Purchase Journey : This step allows you to establish formality rules by focusing on 3 levels:

  • customer maturity stage;
  • customer action;
  • Her emotional experience along the way.

3. Acquisition Matrix : Unlike the purchase journey, which reflects the actions of the customer, the acquisition matrix corresponds to the actions taken by the company. these come under

The register of marketing, sales or communications is further analyzed.

4. Acquisition Plan: In this final step, you prioritize the investments to be made, aligning your marketing, communications and sales teams according to various criteria, including budgetary.

Are you an entrepreneur just starting out? Or do you already have teams, but want to increase customer acquisition and improve your business performance? Implement this new generation marketing plan specific to your activity.

Discover the full methodology in this book on Amazon: Acquisition Strategy Design: New Generation Marketing Plans.

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