A white paper for successful landing pages

As you probably know, optimizing your landing pages is an essential step in order to better convert and control your acquisition costs. To help you out, CyberSight is launching a new version of its white paper “Successful Landing Pages.” Be sure to read this to improve the results of your campaigns…

Download White Paper Successful Landing Page

A landing page or “landing page” is a page intended to achieve a conversion objective such as an act of purchase, quote request, contact, registration, document download, reservation… A landing page is thus the first page to which an Internet user Accesses from a Google Ads campaign, an ad, an e-mailing campaign, etc.

99% of viewers don’t convert

99% of visitors do not convert (average viewed on a panel of multi-regional sites – CyberSite Study). Faced with this observation and while the acquisition of traffic is becoming an increasingly complex topic, whether in a natural or paid context, with more and more players, the number of places offered on search engines remains virtually unchanged.

Worse yet, this location is now focused on the top Google Ads results since the end of right column ads.

For natural context, results with status “0” on the display of Recent Events or People Also Ask (PAA) redistribute points of visibility and contacts.

Download White Paper Successful Landing Page

There is an average improvement seen with the implementation of X2 to X10 landing pages!

Companies, brands, organizations may no longer be satisfied with a conversion rate of 1%, or sometimes less… and this is even more so as their digital investments increase and require justification.

In addition, changes in media consumption, now with a “mobile first” audience, are disrupting traditional usages and indicators, such as bounce rate and conversion rate.

Under these terms, it is necessary to capitalize on your audience to drive engagement and conversions. It is in this logic that the cybersite agency is involved with its clients in the implementation of landing pages, the main objective of which is to increase results regardless of the field of activity of an advertiser (showcase sites, brands, e-commerce sites, BTOC) . , BTOB, etc.).

With many measured examples and different areas of activity, CyberSight provides you with good practices and “tips” to make your landing pages successful in this guide, as much on design as on practical and operational implementation!

You know what you’ve given up on? Follow the link below to download this essential guide:

Download White Paper Successful Landing Page

Article written in collaboration with CyberSite

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