A Platform at the Service of Your Digital Transformation

In recent years, companies have slowly embarked on the process of digital transformation. Digital management of company data makes it possible to be more productive and communicate better. In addition, software solutions today make it possible to automate many tasks and offer better interconnection…

Swiss Army Knife for the company’s digital transformation

These solutions are designed to standardize Global management of company data, we call it master data Management (MDM). This software brings together all the data (marketing data) of a company to feed all its communication vectors, websites, social networks, internet and extranets or even portals. Some of these software are open source. For example Pimcore is a solution that combines multiple softwares:

  • a PIM (Product Information Management) that makes it possible to manage information on products (or services);
  • a DAM (Digital Asset Management) that will manage the digital assets;
  • A CDP (Customer Data Platform) to manage customer data;
  • A data hub, to improve the interactivity of your ecosystem through APIs.

The suite also provides a Pimcore B2B e-commerce CMS to manage all the content you want for your various web communication channels.

What are the benefits for a business using MDM?

Installing marketing data management tools in your business offers many benefits.

Better manage content and information

With this type of solution, you will be able to better standardize the management of your marketing data by centralizing your information. In this way, you will avoid scattered data or data silo, These platforms provide both product and customer data access to better feed your communication channels. It is these tools that specifically make it possible to develop an all-encompassing marketing strategy.

User Experience Improvement

The interface offers several features that improve the user experience. Software in SaaS version The corporate paid license versions come with several partner applications. But the open source versions also make it possible to carry out tailor-made development, This is what integrator service providers like Galileo do for example.

Improve company’s ROI

you go develop your business potential By publishing your data in record time. As this data is more consistent, you improve your brand image and make your products more attractive. Feedback tools allow you to make improvements faster. Lastly, by personalizing the customer’s user experience, you will also increase customer loyalty.

information technology interoperability

Finally, what is interesting is being able to integrate your solution multiple applications, This can be creative apps like Adobe Creative Cloud, or Microsoft’s Office. You can also integrate these programs with your other business management software (ERP) solutions and improve your productivity or market to increase your business potential.

Thanks to agencies specializing in digital marketing, you will have the opportunity to develop a master data management solution best suited to your infrastructure.

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