A new Twitter profile picture? The social network is testing this new integration

Twitter is again experimenting with an interesting feature. Thanks to the collaboration with Snapchat, in future updates to the platform, you may be able to use Bitmoji on the social network!

Bitmoji may soon be available on Twitter

Twitter users may soon be able to feature Bitmoji characters as their account profile picture.

Application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shows how Bitmoji integrates with Twitter in the profile picture upload stream.

If earlier there was no option but to take photo directly and upload it from gallery, then there is An “Add Bitmoji” button To add a Bitmoji account.

It will also link your Twitter profile to Snapchat, the owner of Bitmoji. Essentially, this integration will provide a direct link between your Snapchat profile, where you create your Bitmoji persona, and Twitter, which may be the first time the two platforms have teamed up with this type of direct integration.

Twitter doesn’t currently have its own native avatar creation feature, and integration with Bitmoji could indicate that the company doesn’t want to add one just yet.

Snapchat is arguably one of the pioneers in the world of digital persons. The company is making its Bitmoji character a unique part of the app, which could be a The secret weapon for brands today.

Has Bitmoji Revolutionized Communications?

When emoji was first introduced, it completely changed the way internet users communicated. Instead of sending a written response, all they had to do was send a laughing emoji when they found something funny.

Bitmoji’s premise is pretty similar, but allows the user to stamp their identity on every message and adds a visual element to any conversation. Additionally, Bitmojis has simultaneously made communication between users more personal while remaining extremely informal. With stickers, they convey anything from a serious message to a hilarious reply without having to type anything out.

According to recently released data, Bitmoji ranks #1 on the iTunes App Store in 75 countries, and there are 50-100 million Bitmojis available since 2017. So it’s no surprise that brands and digital marketers are getting in on this relatively new phenomenon.

A new secret weapon for growing your business?

Bitmoji may be the secret weapon of your business today, considering that 71% of your Internet audience is constantly consuming content. So, to make the most of it without losing a penny, you need to stick to the Snapchat marketing strategy.

Through “Bitmoji”, this social network has ushered in a new way to express your brand when you are online and has made it much easier to connect with the younger generation, especially Generation Z. According to internal data, 82% of Snapchat users are under the age of 34. And chances are you won’t be able to reach that audience through any other means. On the other hand it is possible to follow Snapchat with the primary focus on its animated avatars.

This also explains why many brands have partnered with Bitmoji to offer a wide range of outfits that the user can choose from. In association with classic and popular brands like Forever 21 and Steve Madden, users can choose a look that matches their current style, or use it as an opportunity to shop for new outfits and make use of that. You can guess what it would look like. , Bitmoji has also brought users closer to a luxury lifestyle by giving them access to red carpet looks. So even if you can’t afford designer looks, your Bitmoji can!

Additionally, with integration with most email platforms such as Gmail, businesses have the flexibility to use their Bitmoji brands in their email marketing campaigns.

Emoji, Stickers, GIFs, etc. What we use on social networks has slowly but surely changed the face of communication and digital marketing, and forever. but it is clear that Bitmojis has intentionally taken communication to a whole new level. This is an extremely valuable tool for building personal relationships with customers that brands should take advantage of!

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