A new feature for live audio events

Have you ever seen a YouTube video with auto-generated captions? LinkedIn’s new update isn’t much different than this feature…

Another Immersive Experience With Auto-Generated Captions on LinkedIn

with a new experience, More engrossed and more intimate at the same time for Internet usersOn social networks, social audio is becoming more and more important. While more than 5 million French Listen to at least one native podcast every week According to the 2021 Harris Media study, IClubhouse downloads increased from 3.5 million downloads on February 1 to 8.1 million on February 16, 2021 (source)

And if the trend picks up, it has exposed the shortcomings of these platforms in terms of accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing. To address this, LinkedIn unveiled a new feature bringing real-time captions to audio events.

As LinkedIn states:

“Until now, when members attended an audio event on LinkedIn, they could only listen to it. By adding real-time captions, we are making audio events more accessible and inclusive for members with hearing loss. ,

This feature will be useful for all users, especially people with hearing problems.

Like Twitter, LinkedIn has developed its own version of Audio Room, which is its own live audio event feature. Remember that since the rise of Clubhouse, many social networks have adopted the audio format.

which led, Subtitles are generated in real time, allows users to follow discussions without the need to listen to audio. This is undoubtedly a new strong point of the platform, which allows it to reach more and more of its users.

In addition to better accessibility for the hearing impaired, the alternative may be useful in situations where hearing is not possible. In addition, more and more users prefer to watch videos with subtitles on social networks without activating the sound, a type of use that is becoming more common.

On LinkedIn, this option has been tested for a few months, but only internally. Currently available in English, it is likely to be rolled out in other languages, though LinkedIn hasn’t given specific rollout dates yet.

It’s a minor addition, but It improves the quality of life which makes the LinkedIn experience even more enjoyable. If studied well and used properly, it can have a significant impact on your marketing process and performance.

Another four-week interactive series

LinkedIn will also launch a four-week interactive series of real-time conversations to help its members “learn the kind of skills that can help them advance their careers.” This can be a good way to spread awareness about the platform’s live events while showcasing LinkedIn Learning instructors.

Starting every Wednesday, May 18, users can connect with experienced trainers: engage, ask questions and engage in conversation. The series is scheduled to run till June 8 and holds a lot of significance for the platform.

It aims to market its new functionalities to users as soon as it is made available by the platform, accessible in the learning module. this could be a good opportunityExpand your profile and keep in touch with new people.

To learn about upcoming events, you can search for “LinkedIn Learning Live” using the “Events” filter. In this way, you will get different exclusive and upcoming live discussions.

Source: LinkedIn

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