A new distracting layout on Facebook?

Do you have a new desktop Facebook layout? It looks like the social network is testing a new layout in the desktop version of the app. Here’s what it gives…

A new desktop version on Facebook

Last week, Facebook’s layout reportedly affected some users. On the desktop version, almost all navigation elements, menus as well as settings have been moved to the left side of the screen, with almost no navigation at the top of the page.

Some users, like Mashable columnist Stan Schroeder, reportedly received an in-app update alert explaining the change.

According to Facebook, “We’ve moved all your browsing options into one place,” he said. “This change adds everything you need to Facebook – your profile, your searches, your notifications, your messages and more. »

You may have noticed that many other desktop applications align in the same way, i.e. to the left, for example Twitter or Gmail.

There’s also a new layout for groups on Facebook:

The digital assistant revealed that the 3×3 grid button providing access to the “Full Menu” has been updated to include all of the Facebook options. Below that, there are shortcuts (e.g. for on offer to watch Facebook’s videos), and even less, shortcuts for certain groups.

The only major update on Facebook in two years

This major update is almost the same on Facebook in two years. Remember, in 2020 the app launched a desktop design to make it easier to find features like videos, games as well as groups. The new site began to share many design traits with Facebook’s mobile app in order to load faster than before.

Plus, the new design makes it easier to create events, pages, groups, and ads. As of 2020, it’s possible to see what a new group you start will look in real time on mobile devices before it goes live.

Finally, dark mode on Facebook was now accessible to everyone to provide a better experience for watching videos on Facebook, reduce screen reflection and especially screen brightness.

If it took some time to adapt, this update finally passed. So what about last week?

A distracting new change?

At first glance, it’s hard to get used to having absolutely nothing in the top right, where some of the most important features and options like notifications and Messenger used to be). It may also be quite disturbing that the home button has been replaced with the Facebook logo button in the top left.

At the moment this is a test that affects a small number of Facebook users, as there is no information about this new redesign on the web yet. So we don’t know whether the rollout will be gradual, whether users will get the new default design later, and whether they can revert to the old version later.

To be continued…

Source: Mashable

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