A little reminder of some useful tools on Instagram

Don’t know all the features of Instagram’s user interface? A little booster shot never hurts…

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri offered a series of tips on how to use the various social media navigation shortcuts:

  • Tap the Home icon to return to the top of your main feed;
  • To stop the stories, press and hold them;
  • Double-tap the Profile tab to quickly switch between accounts;
  • Instead of tapping the Search tab, press and hold the Search icon to initiate a keyword search;
  • Take a look at the post in the Explore tab by long-pressing the thumbnail image.

These aren’t new features, but they are a necessary reminder of these various shortcut functions that can optimize the way you use Instagram and therefore your social media strategy.

The most recent of these features the ability to switch accounts by double-tapping the profile picture, which Instagram added in late 2020. This can be useful for community managers who regularly post to multiple accounts.

5 Must-Have Instagram Features for Your Brand

To help you express yourself, better connect with your audience, and optimize your content on Instagram, here are 5 other essential features

Ecommerce Features on Instagram

If your business relies on selling products, Instagram’s shopping features might be a good fit for you. Instagram constantly unveils innovative e-commerce features as it explores new ways to support businesses on the app. Instagram’s shopping features essentially make it easy to find inspiration for on-app purchases, which is ideal for any business looking to increase sales.

For example, businesses can tag purchasable products in Feed posts and Instagram Stories. It is also possible to have an “Instagram Store” tab on their profile to present products in stock. And now, thanks to Instagram Checkout, customers can explore a product and complete the checkout process without ever leaving the Instagram app.


Photo filters are at the heart of its success in enhancing your visual creations on Instagram. Their ability to turn anyone into a professional photographer attracted users to the social network in the first place. Each of the 40 filters creates a different look and feel so you can decide which one best represents your brand so that your content is tailored to your branding and style. This way your subscribers will be able to identify your content and get to know your signature look. To manage your filters, select the gear icon at the end of the filters list.

link in bio

Instagram link in bio CM is one of the symbols of creativity. This is a great feature for brands that want to drive traffic from Instagram, and one that gets used less often. Links in your bio are very easy to find and promote, which makes it one of the most valuable traffic drivers for your Instagram profile. And the good news is that there are tools to help you make the most of your links in the bio.

For example, Linkin.bio by Later lets you turn your entire Instagram feed into a clickable landing page that updates with each new post you share. Plus, if you signed up for the Business plan later, you can even link your Shopify account to Linkin.bio! With one click, you can tag Shopify products in your Linkin.bio posts, making it easier for your customers to purchase your feed.

Instagram Stories

The addition of Stories has been huge for Instagram. The feature, which was added in 2016, was initially seen as a copy of Snapchat’s blockbuster model. But since then, its popularity has skyrocketed (in January 2019, it reached over 500 million daily users) and companies are increasingly looking for tools to increase engagement with their brands, without investing heavily. Its included features are golden.

Stories appear as small circles at the top of your customer feed and disappear after 24 hours. For marketing purposes, Stories are especially useful for showcasing new products or releases, promotions, employees, workplace culture, or team outings. So, a great way to get more people to follow you on Instagram is to offer gifts and promotions just for Stories.

pin comment

While not a new feature on social media in general, it is one of the latest blockbuster features Instagram has to offer. Considering the fact that brands and businesses are now much more active on social networks, influencers and brands can take advantage of this in a variety of ways:

  • Pin comments to get a big boost and control posts;
  • Pin the sponsor account’s comments to an influencer post to get more brand attention;
  • Invite other users to post better comments to get on top of the interaction stream.

However, one problem that this feature cannot solve is negative feedback. However, using this feature, brands can choose to pin critical comments and prevent trolls from taking the top spot on the thread and damaging the brand’s image.

While all of these features have great marketing potential, combining them and working together will yield the best results for your business or brand.

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