A day to write your sales page and email sequence

See you on February 10th! we offer you train in copywriting Over the course of a day in a virtual classroom. you will live with one copywriting expert Which will show you step by step how to increase your sales tenfold using copywriting techniques. You will also leave with your sales page and sequence of emails written. Discover this new training eligible for CPF with us.

For this copywriting training, we went to find you one of the most requested French speaking copywriters: theo rossi That you have already got the opportunity to read on webmarketing&com.

Your Copywriting Trainer: Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi is a professional copywriter. He grew sales to dozens of customers across dozens of different disciplines, writing over a hundred sales pages (and over a thousand emails). Today ? He teaches everything he’s learned about ethical selling that really works through his email and his site: “The Copywriter.”

one day program to do something concrete

we rode together One Day Event to Leverage Copywriting to Grow Your Business, And at the end of the day you’re left with something concrete:

  1. Your written sales page.
  2. The associated order of your email is also written.

Isn’t life beautiful?

In one day you’ll learn to sell concrete with your stuff! you go :

  • Understand the basics of human psychology to be able to influence.
  • Write a compelling sales page.
  • Pair your sales page with a persuasive email sequence.

Our training is live as a virtual classroom, so you can ask your questions and have a real exchange with your instructor Theo at any time.


This one day copywriting training (7h) 550 € HT / 660 € TTC . is offered at a cost of

Training that can be supported from your Training Account (CPF)

As with all of our training courses, your copywriting training can be supported by your training account.

To register and receive training on My Training Account, click here

If you haven’t created your account yet, just go to the moncompteactivite.gouv.fr site and create your account with your social security number.

No longer have credit in your training account?

If you no longer have credit in your training account, there are other financing possibilities available to you, depending on your case:

  • You are an employee: Skill development plan for your company or OPCO if your company has less than 50 employees.
  • Job seekers: Support by Ple Emploi (note that support is requested directly through the moncompteactivite.gouv.fr site: start a request through this site and in the second step, you can request Ple Emploi ).
  • Entrepreneur/Self-Employed: You can apply for your OPCO apart from CPF. Often it is FIFPL but should be checked on your urssaf declaration.

In these cases, leave us a message and we will assist you with your process.

Complete Copywriting Training Program

Here is the detailed program of the day!

1. Basics of Copywriting

  • The main principles of human psychology to succeed in explaining
  • Selling copywriter mindset

2. Fully Understand Your Goal to Adopt Your Copywriting Strategy

  • how to understand your goal
  • tools to use
  • questions to ask

Workshop: Demo of a call with a reader

3. Write a Persuasive Sales Page

  • Use the answers you get to write a persuasive lesson
  • 5-Step Structure of a Success Page
  • importance of introduction

Workshop: Write a Sales Page That Sells

4. Adding a Sales Page to a Persuasive Email Sequence

  • Structure of the Sequence: Which Emails to Write (and When)
  • The narrative pivot of the persuasive email sequence
  • most profitable email

Workshop: Write an Email Sequence of 7 Powerful Emails

You can also download the training program from here pdf format,

more informations ?

If you would like more information you can visit our copywriting training prep page.

let’s go ! i subscribe to training

Nothing could be easier than to register for training, log in to your training account, then us moncompteactivite.gouv.fr . Follow this link to find , Then, click on “Register for this session” and follow the steps to submit your registration request.

If you need a quote or anything else, leave us a message using the form below:

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