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If you’re looking to optimize the performance of your email marketing campaigns, we have the document for you! Sendinblue published a benchmark very full Based on last 12 months performance analysis of around 700 companies across the world. In this document, you’ll discover key statistics based on areas and areas of activity, as well as tips to improve your performance…

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Email marketing remains the channel where results are, on average, highest. Emailing like this a . provides Four times higher return on investment than any other method,

Thanks to this document, which can be downloaded for free, you will have a clear view of the most conclusive statistics and measures by region and region by region.

Open Rate, Click-Through Rate, Responsibility Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, Bounce Rate…everything has been examined in order to better understand its activity and to take lessons.

We learn that the sector with the best average open rate is Marketing/Advertising (38.10%), followed by the Association sector (36.75%).

About thirty areas in the document have been scrutinized. Thus you will have the leading figures in your field to establish yourself:

The document also lets you Ranking of the best performing sectors and regions, In addition to understanding your own results, you can compare them to results from similar organizations.

Email Marketing: Average of Key Rates

Note that the average (mean) of the open rate is 25.85%, 1.27% of the click rate, 0.05% of the unsubscribe rate, and 1,72% of the bounce rate.

The average opening rate of a campaign varies from 24.4% to 26.8%, depending on the region. The most successful business area is “Marketing/Advertising” as seen earlier.

The click-through rate is highly variable and is not necessarily proportional to the open rate.

For example, the marketing/advertising sector has the lowest click-through rate with 0.78%, even though the open rate is the highest. Similarly, the Asia-Pacific region has excellent open rates but very low click-through rates, indicating a willingness to learn without going deep into it.

Tips for improving the performance of your campaigns

The eBook not only gives you key performance data, it goes ahead by providing you Best practices in all areas Based on the performance of the best companies studied.

Thus you will get advice on how to plan your campaigns season by season. You’ll learn how to leverage automation to improve your customer journey and your change rate. You will also be given advice on personalization of your campaigns (topic, sender, design, etc.).

i also found Interesting tips to clean up your contact list,

You know, a bad open rate hurts your reputation as a sender. It is therefore important to clean up your database on a regular basis and perform critical performance monitoring to exclude non-affiliated customer profiles.

And of course, you will get advice on the best time to send your campaigns according to your audience profile.

The eBook’s more than 20 pages (of which there are about 60) are devoted entirely to optimizing results. A real gold mine.

The eBook ends with a checklist on how to improve performance.

An eBook to download as soon as possible

Thanks to this eBook, you will have a Real overview of email marketing performance, You will not only be able to establish yourself in relation to your field but also improve your performance by taking advantage of the best practices of the most successful companies in terms of email marketing.

Click here to download the eBook for free

About Sendinblue

It’s the Sendinblue company that wrote this great benchmark. Sendinblue is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps companies around the world accelerate their growth through more effective marketing campaigns. Designed to adapt to the evolving needs of its customers, the user-friendly interface includes state-of-the-art email, transactional communication, marketing automation, SMS, plugins, and contact segmentation features. To communicate, engage and convert more prospects, Bespoke Enterprise offers exclusive access to additional functions and services including managing sub-accounts and a dedicated account manager, thus highlighting the power of digital marketing and Strengthens the relationship of trust with customers. ,

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Article written in collaboration with sendinblue.

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