A breathtaking sales page!

Do you want to learn copywriting? Trust me, you will be served …

This is the name of a company that sells software that corrects spelling mistakes.

Yesterday, by chance, I received a notification that I needed to update the extension.

After a few seconds the update is done – and I find myself redirected to their website.

And there, I live without a word.

open mouth

When I came across their site, I was amazed at the quality of the copywriting.

That’s when I said to myself: “I want to analyze the genius of this site and share it with my readers.”

This is what we will look at in the rest of this article.

Just before we begin, here’s the site in question:


The first thing that immediately catches our attention: a catchy title that promises to improve your writing instantly. This is exactly what should happen at the beginning of the sales page.

A catchy, concise title that has a promise.

How catchy is this title?

very good question To me, a title is catchy from the moment it inspires me to read more.

Exactly the same thing happened with me.

After reading the title, I immediately wanted to know more.

The power that adds to this title is the word “instant”.

It is a powerful word as it promises to get some benefit immediately.

In American copywriter’s jargon, we call this a “quick win” in French. fast win,

This is something that a prospect will be able to do and which will enable him to produce a small result immediately.

We talk about it in detail later.


Who is the introduction for?

It has the same purpose as the title, except that it serves to give a little more detail about our product – and inspire our reader to read more. And LanguageTool does it very well.

I quote his introduction:

“LanguageTool’s multilingual spelling, grammar and style checker has millions of users worldwide”,

Thanks to this introduction, we know a little more about the type of product – but not only.

He used social proof and put forth his own slander; , LanguageTool has millions of users around the world”.

call to action

After the introduction, one can see the first call to action or call to action which is simple and effective.

The mistake often made is writing the call to action with more than one word.

It is absolutely necessary to avoid a call to action, it is a maximum of two to three words and is not particularly a sentence.

Here’s a really good example: ” Register – it’s free”.

fast win

We were talking about it earlier, a “quick win” is something that your prospect will be able to do immediately and that will give him immediate results.

I will explain everything in detail in this example:

Here, the prospect will be able to test the product directly as soon as they visit the website.

The imminent consequence of this would be that the text would be corrected for all spelling mistakes contained in it.

This is excellent simply because it will allow visitors to test the product in real conditions.

In addition, the corrected text will have a short paragraph explaining what types of defects the extension can fix.

social proof

In the last section that I will analyze, we can look at the social proof.

LanguageTool will highlight the well-known companies they work with to strengthen their brand image.

Specifically using the sentence: ” Our customers and partners trust us.” Then we can see the logos of the companies.

one last word

What did you think of the article? a question? Do not hesitate to write a comment below, I will be happy to answer you

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