90 second reel soon?

Think the 60 second limit is a bit low on Instagram reels? You will be happy to know that the company is planning to increase the length of the video to compete with TikTok (obviously).

90-Second Reel: Project in Progress

In February 2022, Alessandro Paluzzi revealed that Instagram was exploring the possibility of making a long reel. Initially his time limit was 15 seconds, then 30 seconds, then currently 60 seconds. The social media expert recently announced that it would soon be possible to create a 90 second reel.

The announcement has been confirmed by Matt Navarra: Instagram is thus expanding its 90-second test on the reels to more users.

According to a tweet by Jonah Manzano, relayed by Matt Navarra, some users can now reel 1.5 minutes, which is 30 seconds higher than the current 60 second limit.

It should come as no surprise that Instagram raises the limit on the length of the reels. Several short video applications have already been launched, such as Google’s YouTube Shorts, which allow you to share up to 60 seconds of content.

But TikTok already allows users to shoot longer videos. Instagram is really still off the mark, as the application developed by its main competitor ByteDance already offers video 60 seconds to 3 minutes From July 2021.

Why so much interest in the reels?

The reels have grown in popularity since their launch in 2020. The service has become very popular especially in India, where the TikTok ban has been a great opportunity and a perfect option for the users.

While more than 60% of businesses are using video marketing as a tool in 2021, Instagram reels a lot to go by.

increase engagement rate

The Instagram algorithm is a tricky aspect of the platform to manage, but with this new feature on the reels, the content will be pushed to your followers’ explore page. Compared to Instagram feed posts, it will thus reach more audience, thereby increasing the engagement rate.

develop brand awareness

Using reels is truly an engaging and authentic way to increase brand awareness for your business. This type of video content is perfect for grabbing a viewer’s attention, as their typical average attention span in the context of a video is about eight seconds.

Reach Large and Untapped Audiences

The advantage of reels is that it can reach a large and untapped audience. If you want to launch a new product or service, use reels to spread your message.

Show a more personal and human side

Since brands put a lot of thought into the aesthetics of their Instagram feeds, they might not be posting REAL, REAL. Reel lets you be real. It lets you post behind-the-scenes content that talks directly to consumers through a separate tab to show a more personal side of your business.

get closer to your audience

By showing this human side, you will get closer to your goal. This type of content is also an opportunity to meet their needs, to give them many suggestions through short explanatory videos.

As you know, video content is much more attractive than photos. Creating effective reels on Instagram obviously helps in increasing your viewership. And who’s to say a wider audience has more potential customers. And more potential customers means more customers, then more sales!

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