9 traps to avoid in web writing so as not to waste time!

Today reading on paper is completely different from reading on paper. If the texts are read diagonally, 10 to 20% of Internet users adopt strictly linear reading. To avoid scaring readers from the first second and writing well for the web, you should avoid some of the traps in web writing that even the most experienced writers can fall into!

working in a place where you can’t concentrate well

Web writing requires a lot of concentration. The slightest disturbing element can cause your train of thought to be lost. The topics that are dealt with are sometimes quite complex, it is essential to be able to understand the ins and outs. If you work from home, try to set up a quiet corner where nothing disturbs you. Turn off your television set, put your phone on silent mode, and warn those around you not to beg you all the time.

don’t know how to manage your time

Apart from not getting distracted, it is also important to manage your time well. To do this, you can apply the “Pomodoro Method”, a time management technique devised by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. This involves dividing your tasks into several 25-minute intervals. At the end of each of them, take a break of 5 minutes. This will keep you from feeling tired from long periods of unproductive concentration.

Adopting a style that doesn’t suit the target audience

Every writer has his own style. However, whatever it is, it must be in line with the goal to be achieved. When writing, keep in mind who you are writing to. A consistent style will be appropriate for professionals in a given field, while if you write specialized texts, using specific jargon may prove prudent. If your audience is made up of young people, you should also adapt your language to their language. Another example, writing for a beauty blog would be different from writing a health blog.

wasting time looking for an extraordinary idea

In the process, there is no need to waste time looking for a content idea that is different from the ordinary, which is truly extraordinary. It is a time-consuming and energy-intensive activity that can spoil you in the long run. Find an idea that allows you to meet the expectations of Internet users. Ask yourself the essential questions about what interest they can generate among your visitors, the added value they bring to them in terms of the information provided.

Optimize your content more with extreme keywords

Keywords are essential in web writing, but currently they are not enough to be indexed by search engines. Previously, a keyword could be written in different ways and repeated heavily to appear in the best places on the Google SERP. Today this technology is obsolete. It is recommended to create quality content with consistent and relevant information, without plagiarism.

Choose irrelevant keywords

Choosing keywords is not trivial. You can use SEO tools to determine which ones users use the most in their queries. However, you must ensure that the people you choose do not face too much competition and are related to the activities of the company.

step out of your editorial line

Like any media, having an editorial line can guide your web articles. It helps you choose themes and optimize your SEO strategy more easily.

Don’t Skirmish Documentation

When you do web writing, the first thing you should do is find out about the topics to be covered. This becomes all the more necessary when you are dealing with a topic that is unfamiliar to you. However, don’t waste too much time documenting yourself, as you risk overloading your text with unnecessary information. Limit your research to sources that guarantee the quality of your writing. Remember that relevance and consistency remains a priority.

Always have the same writing style for all texts

Sometimes you deal with the same topic multiple times. Result: All texts produced have the same style, same tone, which can be detrimental if working for multiple clients at once. Before you start writing a topic (which you’ve covered before), consider it from a different angle. Sometimes it is necessary to erase all the achievements of the previous one and treat it as a new lesson. Choosing new sources to write it on can also be a solution to getting unique content with a more personal touch.

Is web writing your main source of income? Optimize all aspects. And timing is part of it. By managing your time, avoiding pitfalls that unnecessarily cost you, using the right SEO techniques, using web writing tools you can generate quality text that will attract readers from all walks of life and Will keep them for a long time. , and finally to avoid traps in web writing.

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