9 Tips for Setting Up Your Webinar Marketing Strategy

A webinar or webinar (a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”) is a video workshop, conference or presentation conducted online using webinar software. Often related to business, these sessions can be used to share knowledge, ideas and updates with people around the world. Webinars can also be used to build and nurture relationships, build authority around a brand, or showcase a product…

Remember that, even though the objective of an inbound marketing strategy is definitely Selling is not the primary objective of your webinar. Webinar is just one step Qualify Your Leadership , Sales teams will help you track your leads over time, Don’t intimidate your prospects with a speech that may be too commercial in the beginning.

an idea of ​​the simplified process

generate new leads

There is no business without leads. Marketers can generate leads in a number of ways, but marketers can struggle to attract high-quality leads. Webinars that focus on topics related to your business are a great way to generate the high-quality leads that marketers are looking for. Why ?

People who see that you are promoting your webinar are likely to visit your home page and register for the event and engage with your form. These are the people who tell you they are interested because you have something to say. Some people may accidentally click a link or download a document and end up on your prospect list, but the people who decide to sign up and participate in your webinar are top notch.

Various solutions on the market

GoToWebinar, Zoom, Teams, Webikeo, there are many solutions in the market, but which one might be right for you?

Most solutions just give you the platform, so you take care of everything (technical testing, etc.) and you’ll have access to a service. the minimum.Conversely, if you are looking for a business partner who is able to provide you with technical, marketing and business support, I would recommend the French leader Webicio. It gives you its highly qualified database! This is an additional source of acquisition of MQL!

In addition, your webinars can become real virtual events, as we have seen more and more of them since the start of the pandemic. I recommend Vision Business, again 100% Frenchtech, in this case, using a studio or robotic cameras attached to a mobile control room.

Which subject is to be defined?

To choose your best subject, You should establish yourself as an expert on the subject. You must understand that it is not a question of doing a webinar to attract the audience but to build your topic according to the maturity of the target audience, its research, its schedule etc. ,

There are 3 types of webinars

what title?

A good webinar begins with a catchy title, answers a problem, and relates to the degree of maturity of your goals. Like the subject of the email, it makes you want to click through without revealing all the content:

  • “10 Tips …”;
  • harm to avoid…”
  • “How to succeed …”;
  • “Good practice…”

Here are the types of topics that are often chosen for webinars:

  • submit a problem ” Work “ and answer this > Example: “SAAS and RGPD: How to Adapt and Take Advantage of the New Law?” ,
  • Provide training on a trendy topic for a beginner audience > Example: “Learn how to build your Google Ads campaign from A to Z” “ ,
  • Ask and answer technical questions for an already experienced audience > Example: “How to optimize your Google Ads campaigns with responsive ads?” ,

Which details to keep?

The description should be concise, with a maximum of 10 lines that specifies:

  • statistics;
  • Trouble ;
  • details of the plan;
  • Concerned people.

The latter must confirm a willingness to register for the webinar!

What material and environment to choose?

You need 5 items:

  • 1 computer (laptop / stationary);
  • 1 webcam (internal/external), personally I use the Conferencecam Connect from Logitech, which delivers very good sound and visual quality;
  • 1 microphone (internal / external), in addition, if necessary, you can use the Jabra Speak 510;
  • 1 good internet connection (wired preferred);
  • A warm environment like your outfit away from the noise. Avoid neutral environments, such as a white background or other such. You have to give character to your program to stand out!

what material?

To establish your position as an expert, your content must be 90% conceptual and 10% commercial. Yours “audience” Have to listen to someone answer their problem, not find your solutions or list of products!

The duration of the webinar should be 45 min average:

  • 30 minute presentation (5 minutes for presentation/marks 20 minutes and 5 minutes for presenting your proposal);
  • Q/A. 15 minutes of,

Presentation Support:

  • Free: Possibility to share your screen to powerpoint or pdf, demo;
  • load at least one day before In your room + on your webinar page (white paper, PDF…).

What is the communication plan for your webinar?

You must upload your webinar as soon as possible! i.e. ideally One month ago. To get the most out of your webinar, plan it tooInvite Your Customers and Prospects Yourself Including tracking links provided to you (other than invitations sent by your marketing department), allows you to know how many people clicked on your invitation and, above all, who clicked, if you have marketing automation.

If you don’t have an email tool, I recommend webmechanic, a device made in France that does more for less than the American giants.

What is the timing of your communication plan?

  • Send your own mailing to: M-1; J-15, J-7, J-3 and J (on non-openers);
  • Social Networks: Regularly up to D-1 then with a massive tweet storm production on D-1 and D!

With regard to the look of your email, I strongly recommend that a simple email that will come from your Outlook or Gmail, without the header format, is visible. You will see, the results will be better!

what animation?

With over 5 years of experience in the field, I can confirm that participants like:

  • case study, example, illustration;
  • encrypted data;
  • advice, tips, best practices;
  • Tools, Cool Links, Tips;
  • Co-hosted webinars (partners, clients).

To build a relationship with your participants, ask questions from the start:

  • Can you hear me, okay?
  • Are there any of you who have ever…

Try to answer the questions in real time:

  • Postpone off topic questions for the end;
  • Plan a moderator and a manager for each webinar;
  • Max 3 speakers, so it’s inaudible.

It is important to end your webinar by thanking your participants, asking them if they have any questions, and inviting them to:

  • Download the document provided;
  • give a note (if your tool allows it, if not, during a thank you email);
  • Your next webinar.

What reaction?

Marketing and Commerce Required:

  • Provide analysis of webinars with key statistics (number of registrants, attendance rate, list of registrants, etc.);
  • Send thank you email campaign;
  • Prepare, manage and roll out a PAC (Post-Event Commercial Action Plan).

There you go, now you know everything! I hope these tips can help you better define your webinar marketing strategy. Remember that practice is the best teacher. The potential your webinar can achieve is beyond your own imagination. But for the latter it is impossible to exceed expectations without proper preparation.

Like any other marketing effort, it is essential that your goals are clearly defined, that how you will measure the success of your webinar is determined in advance that the promotion is present in the appropriate channels, and that you and their The other presenters dress up well before the start of the show.

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