9 Super Simple Tips to Grow Your Audience on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has 810 million active users per month in over 200 countries! Given its impressive growth, this platform should be a part of your marketing strategy. So follow some of these super simple tips to grow your audience on LinkedIn…

1. Share the Content of Your LinkedIn Page Consistently

Companies that post at least once a week double their engagement. Ideas for content include company updates, customer stories, industry news responses, and ideas related to your purpose and mission. Material. If you’re out of ideas, LinkedIn offers suggestion tools to easily find trending topics that interest your target audience.

2. Invite your friends and connections to follow your page

Your existing professional network can be one of your best assets in the early stages of building your business. Spread the word by using the “Invite to Follow” button.

3. Link to Your LinkedIn Page

Always remember to add a link to your email signature, your newsletter, your blog articles, your business card… You can also add a LinkedIn “Follow” button to your website. Publishing content on your LinkedIn page once or twice a day helps establish a relationship of trust between you and your audience and increases engagement and visibility. In fact, pages that post daily get double the engagement.

Using the right hashtags helps you get even closer to your audience. On one hand, posts with hashtags will see people who are not yet following you and you are not engaged with. On the other hand, those that don’t mention anyone will primarily be seen by your followers and the people who interact with that post. Apart from this, the platform also encourages you to use hashtags. When publishing and optimizing your LinkedIn company page, you’ll see a number of suggestions for the use of relevant hashtags.

5. Master the LinkedIn Algorithm

After you’ve thought about the content you want to share, it’s time to post in a way that will maximize your chances of achieving high organic reach. For that you have to understand the algorithm of LinkedIn. Here are some key points to increase your organic reach:

  • LinkedIn loves comments because they will add even more value to your content. This is why you often see pages asking questions and saying “links in comments”. So getting thoughtful feedback should be your main focus if you want to increase your organic reach.
  • The second best way to increase your organic reach is by getting likes and shares.
  • LinkedIn wants to be a content powerhouse. Content that doesn’t include links to take the community off the platform performs better, which means keeping people engaged and focused on more content out there.
  • Interactive posts perform best. So consider adding images to text, carousels, etc. and don’t always link to publications.
  • Be sure to post content when your followers are most active. Remember that posting frequency is different for each social network.

7. Adjust Your Content Based on Your Page Analytics

Page admins can access a set of post analytics, which provide demographic information about your followers and visitors, as well as engagement data from your updates. Use this information to determine what works versus what doesn’t, and make your content what your customers want.

8. Interact in LinkedIn Groups

Did you know that LinkedIn groups have great thinkers? There are small and large groups on this platform and you can create your own as well. Share your articles there, comment on what others have shared and interact with people in your target group. Be sure to be there regularly and mention your business page when relevant.

9. Mention businesses and influencers

Think carefully about your industry. Are there any particularly influential people you’d like to work with? Are there any non-competing companies you would like to partner with? If yes, then start mentioning them in your posts. Not only will this allow you to be potentially seen in their network, but it will also increase the likelihood that they will see you and then share your post on their feed. Just make sure these people and companies are the ones you want to connect with.

The benefits of a great LinkedIn page with an engaged audience are countless. If you need training in this area, take a look at our webmarketing training with social media strategy component.

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