9 LinkedIn Post Ideas to Increase Your Online Reputation

LinkedIn remains the “norm” in terms of professional social networks. This is where we go to find new opportunities, new partners, and publicize your business. So use it to your advantage! To increase your online reputation and increase your influence, incorporate these 9 LinkedIn post ideas into your social media strategy…

1. Post Opinion

Opinion posts work incredibly well on LinkedIn. The people using the platform are professionals who want to hear from other opinion leaders. But when I say “share an opinion”, I don’t mean that everyone has an opinion. LinkedIn users want to participate in discussions. To stand out, share an opinion that no one has ever heard before.

2. Try Original and Long Content

LinkedIn makes it easy to write and publish original content. Just like with a blog, posting this content is a great way to talk about yourself and your business. This opens you up to an active audience of content consumers, allows you to be seen as an expert in your field, and enhances your professional reputation. Remember that building an audience of followers and expert branding can be time-consuming. But it’s never too late to start.

3. Stock Stats

Everyone loves a good statue that prompts them to sit down and take notice. And when you share relevant statistics for your business with your followers, it will help start a conversation!

4. Publish Videos and Presentations

Photos and videos still have a huge impact on social media, and LinkedIn is no exception. Came across an interesting SlideShare presentation? Did you find an inspiring image, an interesting infographic, or a motivational talk? post it!

5. Share stories about your brand

did you know that 60% of content created by a brand has no meaning in the lives of consumers , They parade your LinkedIn posts as if they never existed. However, their attention-grabbing content is the stories, especially those with an emotional point of view. They leave empathy in our brain. So when you post content, your audience starts relating to you instead of scrolling through your posts in your News Feed. To clarify thoughts or ideas, for example, share a story about how your company has influenced and helped your customers in some way, or talk about the values ​​that an entrepreneur would have. as important to you.

6. Share Quotes

If you’ve read a good book recently or are reading now, feel free to share it and post some great quotes on your LinkedIn page. And why not suggest your top 5 books to read in your field in an article? For example, take some ideas from these 10 sources of inspiration for startups.

7. Share Good Habits

We all have a routine and things that we do regularly in our schedule. To get your target’s attention, consider sharing a good habit that you’ve had for a long time and that you think others should know and follow.

8. Open for Discussion

On LinkedIn, most users want to engage, connect, and discuss topics in their industry with other professionals and experts. Think about it when posting content on this platform. A great way to build engagement is to open the floor for discussion. Begin with a bold, even provocative question, challenge assumptions, and invite your audience to comment on their opinion. The goal is to spark a healthy debate in which everyone can add their two cents. In addition, it’s useful to remember that the LinkedIn algorithm places more value on posts that get more comments than likes. Don’t hesitate to apply these techniques to keep a torrent of comments on social networks.

9. Experiment a little

Test, test and… test! Sometimes two very simple short lines you type can really grab attention and promote your brand on LinkedIn! Don’t be afraid to experiment to get more post views.

Of course, your brand is personal and different from everyone else on the platform. So post what you feel comfortable with, but these topic ideas should already give you something to think about. At the form level, use line breaks to improve the readability of your content, especially if it is long. Also use emoji to show that you feel comfortable with your online community.

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