9 Best Tools to Build a Free Ecommerce Site

Today, having a physical store is not enough to win over as many customers as possible. More and more consumers are making their purchases online and in the face of competition, companies must now offer their services or products over the web. To make the lives of consumers easier and closer to them, you must have an online store. It’s not really up your alley? Here are the 9 best tools for building a free e-commerce site.

1. OSCommerce, Code Knowledge Required

oSCommerce is for you if you have some knowledge of coding or if you want to master the techniques. No matter which server you are using, you can reach this solution if you have understood the whole process. If not, contact a service provider to assist you.

2. Wix eCommerce for Small Businesses

Beginners can easily create their own small online store on Wix eCommerce. Its powerful features make it easy to build an eCommerce site that any business can access. You have various themes to choose from, which can be customized to your liking to provide the best shopping experience for your customers. Thanks to Wix, your e-commerce site can be viewed on a tablet, smartphone or computer.

With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can sell your products around the world. To help you convert as many prospects as possible into customers, the platform integrates various sales channels, such as Google Shopping, Instagram, eBay, and Facebook. Apart from allowing you to save money when building an online store, the platform does not receive any commission on your sales.

3. ePro Shopping: Quality Technical Support

ePro Shopping is a completely French platform with quality technical support, easy to use and many features. With this tool, you can create a professional looking e-commerce site for free to attract more and more customers.

4. WordPress, Thousands of Themes Available

Thanks to the open source WooCommerce extension available on WordPress, all companies, whether big or small, can easily create an e-commerce site out there. Practically, the library of this platform includes over a thousand customizable themes. However, it is advisable to master CSS and HTML before using this tool.

5. PrestaShop, around 300,000 online stores worldwide

PrestaShop registers over 300,000 online stores worldwide and is one of the most popular tools in the world of e-commerce. However, this 100% French platform is one of the most complex and requires some knowledge of code to use. With its various themes, you have the possibility to personalize your online store with complete peace of mind. And to increase your sales, you have many extensions which are used to add different functionalities to your site.

6. Drupal Commerce, One Solution with Multiple Themes and Extensions

Drupal commerce has a variety of themes and extensions. To build your online store, you have a secure open source CMS and its responsive community to support you when you need it.

7. Magento: Many Native Applications

On Magento, different templates with different themes make it easy to build a customizable e-commerce site. Launched in 2008, this open source tool integrates many native applications that boost your natural context, your marketing tools, emailing, managing your stock, and more.

8. Virtualmart to improve its international sales

With its built-in SEO optimization, VirtueMart helps you increase your sales all over the world. This open source extension for e-commerce of the free Joomla CMS allows you to process payments, manage orders and invoices, calculate taxes, manage shipments, and more. It facilitates loading of media and includes a multi-currency, multi-vendor and multi-language function.

9. ZenCart, Various Free Native Features

In addition to facilitating the creation of your online store, ZenCart integrates a number of core features. This open source tool allows you to create and manage shopping cart pages for free under the General Public or GNU license. It helps you manage your stock, your after-sales service, online publishing and manufacturing of your products, your offers, etc.

To better choose your tool for building an e-commerce site, take the time to think about your needs and your goal.

Take the time to educate yourself too. This certified training in e-marketing also offers several training modules To establish an effective web marketing strategy suited to your target and your marketing objectives. Scenarios and practical cases will accompany you in the reflection and implementation of your project.

Now you know what you have to do!

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