8 Marketing Practices to Raise Awareness and Convert Effectively

One of the biggest difficulties faced by a company is surely getting known and recognized by as many people as possible! In the face of the competition, you must be noticed! Yes but how ? There are various actions that allow these issues to be overcome. Among them, digital marketing! In this article, we will present you various marketing practices to help you stand out and attract your next customers via the web!

Get Visibility!

Exercise #1- An Up-to-Date Website!

Whether it’s a blog, e-commerce site or a showcase, if you haven’t updated your content recently (for the past 3 years), it’s necessarily outdated, obsolete, and poorly referenced by search engines!

A well referenced website should include:

  • Simple navigation (tree structure and responsive design);
  • Miscellaneous content: photos, videos and text;
  • Titles and meta-descriptions that will be included in Google searches;
  • keywords;
  • A contact form (for having duplicates on your pages).

+ Optimized landing page to facilitate changes and links to your social network accounts!

Exercise # 2- Presence on the main social networks

Among the most famous and iconic, Facebook! It is also the most widely used social network in the world with 2.701 billion users and a total of 37 million monthly active users in France.

But he’s not alone on the web anymore! According to Médiamétrie, a third of the time spent on the Internet is spent on social networks like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or even Linkedin.

Your presence on at least one of them is undeniable! But you still have to choose it well and set goals!

Some tips to keep your visibility on social networks in mind:

  • Choose your tone and your lines of communication;
  • Share and comment on news from your area;
  • Promote your internal work (recruitment, business success, environmental commitment, etc.);
  • Join the conversation with your community;
  • Always reply to your contacts! (preferably as soon as possible).

If you don’t feel competent for this, you can also call a professional (agency or freelance) for community manager tasks for animations and updates of your pages and/or social network accounts!

Exercise # 3- Publishing News Articles

This type of writing will work in the context of your pages and will also allow your site to be customized!

For writing, here are some tips to consider:

  • An article must contain at least 500 words;
  • The information should be broken up into multiple paragraphs, use subtitles and think of bullet points to make reading easier!
  • Use short sentences of about 15-20 words with simple vocabulary and style;
  • Include links to external websites.

Regarding topics, focus on news in your field, enhance your experience (customer cases, testimonials), talk about your new products, your team members, etc.

This type of content can be included in the pages of your website or dedicated to a blog type section. Do not hesitate to put forward the very popular photo and/or video content among Internet users!

86% Internet users say that they use online videos to learn something and get information (Source: Google: 55% Every day they watch at least one video (Source: YouTube)!

Attract Possibilities!

Exercise # 4- Personalized Marketing Campaign

Marketing automation is the use of technology to automate certain elements of a marketing campaign. In other words, completed tasks or processes are automated (commonly referred to in jargon as sequences and workflows), in whole or in part. For example, this is the case with prospecting or reminders. Purpose: Optimizing the company’s marketing tools to improve the customer experience and better manage leads.

As per the information collected from the database, you can send personalized SMS or email campaign (Customer / Prospect First Name). For an eShop, or e-commerce site, you can inform the user that his articles are still in his “basket” and therefore ready to order, and so on.

Practice #5 – Landing pages and chatbots for your website

The purpose of a chatbot is to interact with the person visiting your website through an instant discussion. It’s able to answer the most common questions, integrates appointment scheduling for your teams and more easily qualified your prospects without requiring your presence behind a screen! Useful, isn’t it? This conversational tool will save you time and money!

Landing page or landing page in French refers to the first page on which an Internet user “lands” when he consults a website. While it is still a few years since Internet users accessed your website through the home page or home page, this technology has evolved a lot. From now on, dedicated pages have been created to bring your visitors directly to the page that relates to them. These web pages are designed to respond to a click: an AdWords ad, a natural result, a “call to action” button in a newsletter or email, an advertising banner, etc.

Practice #6: Using Paid SEO (SEA)

It specifies the use of commercial or advertising links on search engines. In the context of SEA, ad space is primarily purchased by performance per click, by auction or by targeting specific queries using keywords. (Source:

The advantages of this exercise are:

  • Your site best appears in search results at the top of the page (with the mandatory assumption “ads”);
  • It’s a great complement to your natural reference strategy;
  • You control your budget and the delivery of your ads on demand.

get new customers

Practice #7: A Customer Relationship Management Tool!

You still hesitate to equip yourself with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? Here are 3 reasons to celebrate you:

  • This tool centralizes and manages your data (contact history, address book, appointments, etc.);
  • It allows you to know your current performance and opportunities in real time;
  • It helps you monitor and manage your teams.

All on a single interface that accompanies you on your journey (viewable on all connected screens). It’s time for your business to adopt it!

Exercise #8: Ambassadors of Choice!

Good old word of mouth is a long way off. However, it is in old jars that we make the best jam (it seems).

The technology is the same, only the channel changes! Use digital channels to spread positive opinions of your customers and use them as tokens of value. It can be on your social network or your website, use in testimonials format!

Customer “ambassadors” automatically promote the brand on various platforms. The company then gains credibility and improves its brand image. These customer reviews are appreciated by internet users as they convey an unbiased image of the user. You might also consider soliciting them in the case of sponsorship offers, for example.

In the end, there is no one marketing exercise that outperforms another! The important thing to remember is your ability to deliver effort and flexibility!

Each of the practices mentioned above can be a matter of global communication and digital marketing strategy for your company! And there’s no need to look for the most expensive solutions, or copy what your competitors are doing (but be on standby) to stand out!

Always listen to your goals, and know how to bounce back!

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