8 keys to hit the bull’s eye and make your life successful

Faced with the constant need to interact with your audience, whatever your field of activity, live video is one of the most successful formats on social networks, as you’ll learn in this certified training to build an effective social media strategy. It must be said that the algorithms of some of them attach more importance to live broadcasts than to text, photos or simple videos. Whether you’re on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, grab your audience’s attention and make sure you provide them with original content. Here are 8 keys to hit the bull’s eye and make your life successful…

Organize well before live filming

Before filming live, take the time to properly prepare and organize yourself.

  • Choose the location and angle where the camera will be installed and do some simulation to find the best place to install it;
  • Outline your presentation on various points and organize them by theme;
  • Define your editorial line that should match your audience’s expectations to invite them to discuss with you;
  • Schedule a live broadcast. This should be the one the majority of your community engages with in order to interact with as many people as possible. Some social networks, such as Facebook, offer tools such as Facebook Insights to help you determine when most of your followers are online.

Define your objectives for better rendering

Only by defining your objectives upstream will you be able to be successful with your live broadcast. Before you begin, ask yourself what are the reasons that motivated you to do this live broadcast:

  • start a debate on a specific topic;
  • Build customer loyalty;
  • promote any service or product;
  • broadcast a special message;
  • convert prospects into customers;
  • Communicate with your colleagues;
  • Promote your business.

Choose the platform according to your objectives

After defining your goals, you will be able to choose the platform best suited for the type of live you want to achieve. Your choice also depends on other factors, such as your target audience as well as your expectations.

You can opt for internal communication tools such as Teams, Skype or Zoom, or choose social networks such as Instagram, Facebook Live or YouTube. A landing page, your website or even a web platform dedicated to Live are all distribution channels for communicating your message.

practice live

If you are a beginner, you might be intimidated in front of the camera. To master your speech and speak coherently, practice regularly. Put yourself in the live situation and do some simulations to get used to it and see the elements being removed, added and corrected.

You can also practice by putting yourself in front of a mirror or “white live” yourself by recording your simulation with your phone. This technique involves modifying the privacy settings for the live broadcast by checking the “Me Only” option. You will be the only one with access to your live videos and will be able to analyze all the technical aspects that need to be fixed. You can then change your privacy settings at any time, regardless of which social network you’ve chosen.

Choice of Adequate Broadcast Equipment

Broadcast equipment is one of the key elements in transmitting the quality images needed for the comfort of you and your audience. The choice of equipment specifically depends on your objective and the type of product you want to promote.

Smartphone and computer?

Use a normal smartphone to promote a product, such as clothing or an accessory for example. On the other hand, a more powerful device would be necessary to broadcast a drawing session over software or video games. To broadcast video games live, for example on YouTube or Twitch, use your computer instead. Achieving good quality rendering will also be essential when filming and recording video game sessions.

have a broadband connection

For your live broadcast to be successful, you must have a good quality internet connection. Bet on broadband at all times to receive and respond to your audience’s reactions in real time, but also get a smooth and enjoyable video to watch. Make sure your bandwidth is not saturated by too many traffic spikes. Ideally, avoid family WiFi and choose a connection that you’ll be the only person using during your live.

Select the most suitable live format

The choice of format depends on the number of hours your live video will run. If your live broadcast lasts more than an hour, remember to take breaks while respecting the duration agreed with your audience.

Also follow the graphic charter to select the most appropriate format for your live (Marie-Louise, titles, animations, jingles, etc.). Keeping these various criteria in mind and based on your budget, then choose the right format: testimonial, web show, e-learning, masterclass, debate, talk show…

Promote Live Date

No interest in living without an audience! So make sure to promote your live a few days before the event. For this you can share information on your blog or your website or create a dedicated page on your site.

If you’ve already developed your graphic charter, create content for your social networks, such as a 30-second trailer. Be sure to clearly specify the time and date, as well as the guests who, in turn, will communicate on their social networks.

To build commitment, you also have the possibility of sending a newsletter or even a pre-registration link that you will place at the end of your e-mails.

connect with your audience

Live is the ideal opportunity to exchange with your customers, and vice versa. It is therefore necessary to promote exchanges by regularly encouraging them to appear in the comments. During the broadcast, they can ask questions, comment, express their feelings in writing, or use “live feedback”. To draw closer to your audience while encouraging conversation with them, one trick that works every time is to regularly thank people who see you and call them by their first name or surname.

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