8 important criteria to make your app easy to use

Have you ever, as an entrepreneur, dreamed of a revolutionary application that can do absolutely everything? When an entrepreneur has an idea for an application, they often want to make this application a rocket capable of doing anything. This is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid because it makes the application complicated and incomprehensible…

As an entrepreneur, we often want to create something extraordinary that can do absolutely everything. When you try to focus on the one or two basic functionalities that make up the heart of the application, you quickly want to add a lot of little things, the details that you think are essential and which ultimately make your app useful. will make it difficult. , Even worse, you may lose your user because they will not clearly understand what your application is for.

What is the best lever to create an easy-to-use and enjoyable application?

There are two main levers to consider. The first is to have a specific value proposition for a specific goal. In other words, solving a problem for a specific class of people. Second, to provide a good user interface to its users, making them user-friendly screens by making them comfortable and ergonomic.

What is a good interface?

A good interface is defined by the ease with which the user finds their way through the app to perform their intended task.

If we look at the applications that are a hit today, we can very quickly realize that they usually have only one core functionality, sometimes supplemented by one or two secondary functionalities.

We also shouldn’t lose sight of the needs of the user who normally wants something simple, fast to use and fun to watch.

When building your app, always keep your long-term goal in mind and find the easiest way to get there. A concept that can be summed up with the following words: “keep it simple and naive”.

If you want to make sure your app is easy and intuitive, a great way to find out is to test it by putting it in the hands of a child or elderly person.

For a more clear look, here are 8 criteria for a good user interface to build easy-to-use applications:


A clear interface minimizes errors made by users. It’s important to highlight important elements in the screen (in other words, be sure to prioritize detail from largest to smallest). But be careful not to fall into the trap of putting more than 3 or 4 levels of hierarchy.


A consistent interface makes it easy for the users to navigate. Effective applications are consistent both by themselves, but also with each other. Use the habits of your users as an asset. The easiest way to try and study the logic of other applications your user uses


A simple interface is an interface that provides accurate information per screen. Remember that today’s users read very little, if at all. So if you want them to read anyway, remember to use simple, short sentences and start with the principle “one screen = one piece of information”. Carousel is one of the methods used to provide information in small doses, especially at the beginning of using the application.


Users should be able to identify the cause and effect relationship between the various actions performed in the application. The user will feel like they are managing the application and thus will not be disappointed. In other words, when the user presses a button and the action is not visible in the application, the user must be assured that the requested action has actually been taken into account.


Keep in mind that the more elements and features you add, the heavier and therefore slower your application will be. Today, users are used to everything that happens immediately. A screen that takes 30 seconds to open today is not tolerable.


Users make mistakes. Make sure they can follow every step. A “back/return” arrow on each screen or progress bar may do the trick. A nice interface makes it easy to explore and learn by trial and error without having to read any manuals.


Make it easy for your users to contact you. Being accessible provides a completely different user experience.


Every visual element that appears on the screen is potentially competing for the user’s attention. So the ideal is to create something clean and colorful, which is pleasant to look at and fits the functionality of the application. An animation may look cool at first glance, but know that it will distract your user on the task he or she has come to perform in your application.

If you keep each of these 8 important criteria in mind when building your application, you will keep the odds in your favor. On the other hand, don’t forget that if you don’t solve a specific problem for a specific goal, even if you follow all the advice in this article, your application will not be met with the expected success. Not to mention the fact that building an application is good, but making sure it gets downloaded through a marketing and communication strategy is equally important. Building an application is like building a business and should be treated as such.

Are you busy building an app yourself? These tips are useful to you, but you have other questions? Don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments.

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