8 Copywriting Exercises That Will Instantly Turn You Into a Professional

Today I am going to share with you 6 exercises to improve your sales pages and make you a better copywriter. Copywriting isn’t just about reading books and applying what you learn (although it’s already good if you do). It is an art that takes training and daily practice. Many people accumulate a lot of information, but never put anything into practice…

Write an inspiring new headline every day

You probably know this, but the title is the most important part of your sales page. The effectiveness of your sales page will depend on this.

For starters, pick a product or service that you enjoy and start writing a headline that grabs attention immediately. If you have the time, don’t hesitate to write 3 or 4 titles a day, it can only be beneficial. Feel free to take a look at this article to learn how to write an impressive and inspiring headline.

Write a new captivating introduction every day

Introduction is the second most important element. It sits just below the headline and serves to hold the reader’s attention while delivering your sales page, making the prospect want to read more. As before, you can write an introduction for your future products or for random products.

Rewrite best selling pages by hand

This advice doesn’t just pop out of my pocket, it was recommended by one of the greatest copywriters in history, Gary Halbert.

“Now that you have received copies of these advertisements and letters, I want you to sit down and copy them word-by-word in your handwriting.”

This technique involves choosing a sales page from a recognized and capable author so that he can copy everything he writes by hand. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the author’s style and understand all the mechanics and processes used to persuade readers.

Take a lot of copywriting training, but not only that…

This is the first step if you have never set foot in the world of copywriting. Train yourself, but there is no point in collecting a large amount of knowledge if you do not take action to put what you know into practice.

When you read a book or take a training, note down what is shared with you and put it into practice immediately.

Create a “Swipe Files” Folder

Swipe File is a folder where you will keep all the interesting resources related to copywriting. This is where you’ll place any ads, blog posts or sales pages that you find interesting. You can then analyze them and note the points that interest you the most.

The goal is to have a lot of knowledge at your fingertips. The day you have a blackout, all you have to do is go to your swipe file and you’ll find tons of resources out there that will refresh your thoughts.

You can find a swipe file here.

Interact with a Professional Copywriter

What could be better than talking to people who have the same goals and passions as you? You will be able to share your experiences, your successes about what works for you and what doesn’t. The best place to do this is by joining Facebook groups related to copywriting. After engaging with them, you can ask members to give you feedback on their sales pages. You can also talk about any problem you have and get help. This is a real gold mine.

Improve the ads you see

You’re quietly walking down the street or roaming the Internet and an ad catches your eye, but you’re ultimately not interested. Great ! You will be able to analyze it and understand why it grabbed your attention, but also why it didn’t make you click to learn more. For this example, the ad may be attractive, but the content of the ad was bad because you didn’t click. Try to find some way to repair it.

Do A/B Test

A/B testing is an approach where you come up with two different variations of a sales page, for example, to find out which of the two works best. Once you’re tested, analyze your two sales pages and try to understand why page A performs better than page B. Pay attention to the end results and correct whatever is wrong. There is nothing better than being directly in touch with your readers’ feedback. If they liked page B less, you’ll understand why and not make this error again.


Now that I have introduced you to several copywriting techniques to improve your sales pages, it is up to you.

Remember that the most important thing is not to consume too much material (even if it is important), but to put into practice what you learn as soon as possible.

See you again soon,


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