7 types of content to send by email (always popular)

You’ve already been staring at your screen for 5 minutes, your head somewhere else. What are you going to send to your audience today? If you’re into email marketing, you’ve probably been there before. But maybe I have something that can help you…

If I count all my email marketing sequences, I send several thousand emails every day.

Sales emails, more storytelling emails, content emails…

Over time, I’ve seen what works well and what doesn’t.

Here are 7 types of content to send by email that your audience will always love.

1- Use your audience’s feedback to establish your knowledge

I just started using this type of material a few months back. And when I saw the result, I cut my fingers.

Using feedback from your audience gives you a double benefit.

By showing results to people who follow your advice, you are demonstrating your expertise. And as a reminder, proving that you’re an expert in your field is a tremendous sales lever.

But other than that, serving your audience results will increase their engagement. Imagine: You are following a blogger on the purchase of vintage cars. One morning, you receive an email” Your best purchases from the past monthThe best purchases made by people who follow this blogger in question are listed inside.

It throws. This technique uses what is called a sense of recognition in management. You feel valuable to quote a blogger about your purchase, or someone with an expert reputation in your field” lambda“. He listens to you, takes the time to help you, and moreover, congratulates you in front of everyone on your success.

Here is an example of an email I sent based on this type of content. The subject line of the email was ” Novell’s testimony on the amendment sheet,

email marketing

2- Show a failure that you have turned into a lesson in life

When was the last time you heard a web guru say he was wrong? Never, isn’t it?

Yet it is human to make mistakes. And publicly showing off your failure is a great way to connect with your audience. You are not a robot. Just a person like any other person, who also makes mistakes.

Of course, it’s not about publicizing your failure without developing the lessons you’ve learned from it. Because it is a sign of winners: to fall, it is better to rise.

Here’s an example of an email I sent to one of my errors:

Type of content to send by email

My blog was hacked. Instead of cursing the hacker, I accepted my mistake. I neglected the security of my blog. What lesson did I learn from this? I installed security plugins so that this crash doesn’t happen again.

This type of content is far more powerful than a point-by-point email explaining why you are the best.

3- Reveal a secret that can change everything

People like to think that there is something they don’t know that would make a difference if they did.

Please note that this type of material should be handled with care. The mystery in question must be of immense added value. If you only repeat a trick that others have used, your reputation is bound to suffer.

Adding a known personality is an interesting option to increase the credibility of said mystery.

Example : ” Magnus Carlsen’s Secret to Winning a Chess Game in 30 Moves“. (Magnus holds the title of World Chess Champion since 2013)

4- Unveil your past survey results

Undoubtedly a type of content that people like. As an online entrepreneur, you have probably already done various surveys with your audience. Whether to find out if your product idea will appeal, to ask for their opinion on your YouTube video, etc.

Well, know that people who follow you like to know what other people are thinking. Even more so when the survey deals with a point that matters to them.

The fact of asking your audience’s opinion through a survey and revealing the results to them can increase engagement.

People who follow you will appreciate asking for your opinion. But they will appreciate it more when you share the result with them.

Here are the results of a newsletter I sent to present the results of a survey:

mail poll result

Result: 47.01% opening rate.

5- “Action Plan” email

It’s better to launch your product early and improve it over time than to spend a year designing the right product with the risk that it won’t work.

This is the guiding idea of ​​the book” lean Startup » From Eric Rees.

And this is the state of mind that every entrepreneur should have.

In other words, action takes precedence over design.

The theory is beautiful. But your audience expects more from you. She is waiting for suggestions and advice to take action and take concrete steps.

This is why an action plan-type email will delight your prospects.

Do you have a profitable blog on the topic of horse riding?

Why not ” My action plan in 29 days to prepare for my competitions,


Showing your results is one of the most powerful persuasive arguments. It is no coincidence that you find them on almost all sales pages.

Sharing your results with your audience will demonstrate your expertise and, above all, your credibility. Credibility is one of the founding pillars of success with your blog.

But above all, people like to watch the performance of the people they are following.

Imagine for a moment. You are following a blogger on the topic of bodybuilding. One morning, you receive an email” Before/After: My Transformation in 1 Year“. All complemented by photographs showing the blogger’s physical development.

What is happening in your mind subconsciously? You make a mental association imagining yourself in the place of the blogger in question. You envy him, sometimes positively, sometimes with a touch of jealousy.

That’s what the result is able to share.

7- Ask your audience for help

, I need your help“. Here’s an email subject that triggers curiosity.

By asking your audience for help, you find yourself “ at the same rank as“. In other words, you show meekness, and forever destroy the image of the blogger who took the big head.

If so, you know, the one who doesn’t respond to comments on YouTube, posts on Instagram, and who thinks he’s declaring the absolute truth.

, Yes, but why ask them for help, when it is precisely my audience that is waiting for me? You say to yourself.

When I say ask for help, it’s broad. You don’t have to ask for anything fancy in your area.

Based on this, one of the first emails I sent was a request for help, because I didn’t have ideas for the video.

So I sent him this email:

request support mail

Simple and efficient.

return to source

You can send high quality newsletters. Find email objects that attract clicks

If your email addresses don’t qualify, you’re lost.

This is the first step in your conversion funnel. And if the slider is set incorrectly, most of your email list will be useless. Because you attracted the wrong people. Those who will never be interested in what you have to say.

And your open and click-through rates will be affected.

Little tip: Every 6 months, I delete all people who haven’t opened my emails… 1 month.

So I kill two birds with one stone:

  1. I only keep highly qualified emails, which tend to offer very high engagement rates;
  2. I reduce the cost of my auto responder, because the sizes of your email lists are not unlimited!

You will see, undoubtedly there will be an anguish in your heart when you “click” Delete these 1594 email addresses now,

But it is necessary. Eliminate the emotional side. For once.

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