7 Questions Your Website Should Answer In 10 Seconds!

Did you know that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website? And that the first 10 seconds are crucial to your visitors’ decision to stay or leave? Whatever your field of activity, your service, your product, you have very little time before your visitors leave! If you want to know what important information your visitors are actually searching for on the site, read…

1. What are you selling?

Customers don’t have time to browse the entire website, it’s almost impossible! On the other hand, remember that they may not understand your business, especially your product offering, at first glance. So you must give them the correct answer in front of their eyes in order to describe your business in the best possible way and as quickly as possible:

  • Add a brief description of your offer;
  • Make sure your homepage best describes your products, so that customers have a clear idea in the first place and don’t need to ask you;
  • Add all the product offers and benefits to the top of the homepage, to realize visitors don’t need to scroll halfway down the page.

After you’ve established your offering offering, your visitors will have an even bigger concern: How will it make their lives better? Why should they care?

This is where you need to communicate your value proposition, which basically means why they should do business with you. The main thing here is to promote your product / service in such a way that consumers are attracted to buy. Feel free to do a little brainstorming to identify the top reasons someone might want to buy your product/service. Then make it clear on your website:

  • Describe product features and benefits with effective visuals;
  • Display these benefits in a prominent place on your website.

3. How much does it cost?

Naturally, once someone is informed and interested, they will ask the famous question: ” How much does it cost ? ” Immediately you need to think about price sensitivity, which describes the phenomenon that the price of a product affects the buying behavior of consumers. To answer this question in a way that keeps visitors interested in the product:

  • Add a detailed “Pricing” page to your website;
  • Display deals and offers very clearly and in the most visible places on the web page;
  • Using the right colors at your checkout and product page can help people feel more confident. This is necessary to get the feeling that they need to complete their purchase. Meaning of colors
  • Highlight special offers, discounts or last price offers. For example, displaying a __% discount sticker/banner or a “Free Bonus Gift” notice on a product page can help justify the purchase.

4. What makes your brand different from others?

Explaining how you stand out from the competition and why customers should choose you can be the hardest part. One way to show that you are the brand a customer can trust is to show off your experience. If you’ve been making customers happy and solving problems for 50 years, say so! Additionally, your homepage should anticipate any objections that may be raised by visitors to your website.

5. Can I navigate your site easily?

Your visitors have very little time to waste on the website. Thus, he should be able to orient himself easily in a matter of seconds and not a few minutes. If the navigation of your site is too complicated, you are harming your website. So make its navigation as simple and straightforward as possible so that visitors can find what they are looking for without spending a lot of mental energy.

6. What do others think?

Social proof is a huge “psychological hack” today. Consumers want verification before spending their hard earned money on a product/service! And if there’s even the slightest doubt about your information and your e-reputation, you can be pretty sure that most visitors will leave. So being able to put them in touch with other customers who use it will probably reassure them.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful customer acquisition methods. You can replicate this phenomenon on your website by prominently displaying customer reviews and using social media images for example to help them feel authentic and written by real people (and they should be!).

This is definitely a question that everyone will be looking for, and when it comes to Internet-savvy buyers, the ease of contacting the company is a big plus. So, make your contact simple and straightforward! For example, consider integrating a scrolling help widget with the user. Have a chat box ready and available, perhaps even for people to chat. Otherwise :

  • Make sure you have a separate and functional “Contact Us” page on your website;
  • Provide prompt response to all customer questions;
  • Let them know when you are offline or unavailable.

If you follow these steps, you can be sure that your website tells your visitors exactly what they need to know from the start. Put yourself in the place of your customers and try to think that if you are a customer, what are the questions that would come to your mind before buying a product online. It will surely help you to formulate realistic website queries for the customers. make their first impression a good one,

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