7 golden rules of copywriting

In this article, I invite you to discover the 7 golden rules of copywriting to easily apply to all your communications, whether in your posts to social networks, in your newsletters, in your sales pages and in your In email sequences…

Have you ever heard of this fundamental skill that allows you to persuade, convince and sell: the fundamental skill for any online business that will increase your sales count?

I am of course talking about copywriting, the art and science of selling on the web. This sustainable and profitable skill offers many benefits.

An important skill, because even if you have the most beautiful product in the world, if you communicate badly on it, it won’t sell.

When you think about it, Apple still needs to advertise regardless of the quality of its proven products!

Also, you probably have competitors about you who are less good than you, but who is doing better, who have more customers, more business?

It’s always the annoying side. The clearer and more accurate your communication is, the more effective you will be!

Quickly discover the 7 golden rules of simple copywriting that you can replicate with your next post, blog article, newsletter, and sales page!

1/ The first rule of copywriting

Copywriting is a simple art. We use words to communicate, persuade and convince us to sell our products.

For him, there is no need to express himself like Molire or Voltaire.

No. What do you want? Write as you speak.

If you want to replace text that sounds monotonous, add some powerful words that will pique your reader’s curiosity or reassure them about your product.

2/ Reuse your audience’s words: the second law of copywriting

By using the words of your audience, it allows for better recognition. This rule of copywriting is powerful, because your prospects will assume you’re in their head.

Thus, they buy more easily from the person who manages to put the right words on their pain, but also on their desires and their dreams.

To find the words of your audience, you can go to your topic’s Facebook groups and of course exchange with them as often as possible. Networks are too powerful for this.

Write for a 3/8 year old child to understand

In 2016, during the campaigns of Trump and Clinton, linguists studied the words spoken by these two candidates during their political rally. It appears that the terminology used by Trump was understandable by an 8-year-old, while Clinton’s speeches were more accessible to a 12-year-old … many believe it was this description that made the difference. . A detail that ultimately isn’t one.

Thus, when you write or communicate orally, avoid overly complex words where you are not sure that the vocabulary is simple. Avoid technical jargon and acronyms.

Your lesson should be accessible to an 8-year-old.

4/ A windy lesson

It’s like when you open a book and it’s written with short, big paragraphs, without any line breaks… Your first reaction is to put it back on the shelf.

With your audience, it’s the same.

The fourth golden rule of copywriting? Your text should be airy. Prefers short sentences over long paragraphs. Jump lines between each paragraph.

You can also use formatting, such as bold or italic, to make your text stand out. Also uses headings.

Your audience scrolls through the text, then if you’ve managed to capture their intent well enough, they’ll read your entire message.

Make it easy for her to read, she’ll thank you.

5/ Favor short sentences

As with the golden rule of copywriting, favor short sentences. It keeps things simple with one subject, one verb, and one complement. In the same view, we tend to favor the active voice over the passive voice.

6/The Sixth Golden Rule of Copywriting: Show Instead of Telling

This is one of the most important rules in the world of copywriting.

So don’t say you had too many customers, add a number. Numbers allow you to be more specific and believable.

You can also add sentences such as I want proof, or I challenge you. In your prospect’s imagination, it’s a way to prove to him that what you’re saying is true.

7/ Identify with our audience

It is very important that our audiences have common points with us. Here we are going to play with the praise bias.

Share some elements of your personal life that your audience may identify with… if you play a particular video game, if you play a sport, if you enjoy reading…

If you experienced the same problem as your ideal customer, highlight your story with a good story. Show the difficulties, false solutions and wasted time, and how you managed to make your wildest dreams come true.

The more trust your audience will have in the person who has gone through these phases, the faster the recognition will be.

By applying these 7 golden rules of copywriting, you will be the first to improve the engagement with your audience. Your message will be clearer, more concise, more precise.

Proving what you say quickly improves your confidence and credibility. We see a lot of dream merchants on the web… this is a great way for you to make yourself stand out.

In the end, identity is another superpower in your hands. Connecting with a man who has things in common makes us suddenly find him more sympathetic… living in the same city, going to the same school, practicing the same sport, having a common mentor!

We first buy for the personality that the trainer or coach gives before purchasing what they offer.

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