7 Copywriting Techniques to Increase Your Online Sales

Did you know that the average attention span on the Internet is 8 seconds, which is less than the concentration ability of a goldfish? Now you understand why copywriting is absolutely essential in 2021 in all the content you produce. Now let’s move on to the 7 copywriting techniques that I have prepared for you…

Why is no one buying your products?

If you have products or services to sell today, but no one is buying from you, that’s fine. People don’t spend their money if they don’t have a good reason to do so, even if your text has good copywriting.

Here’s what we’re willing to spend our money on:

  • earn money ;
  • to save money ;
  • time saving;
  • Avoiding physical or mental punishment;
  • improve your quality of life;
  • enrich your knowledge;
  • to feel loved;
  • Increase their popularity or social status.

We can even compare it to the famous “Maslow’s pyramid,

The various points I just mentioned are the “excuses” people use to justify their purchases. We’re going to use these excuses to make your customers feel pressured to buy, because what you bring them will be worth more than their money.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself about your product:

  • Does my product help my customers avoid physical or mental suffering?
  • Does it improve the quality of life of my customers?
  • Will my product save my customers’ time?
  • Etcetera.

The goal of these 3 questions is to see if your customer has multiple reasons to justify his purchase, here are some examples:

“I absolutely have to buy this product, I may eventually learn to meditate” (justification: need for improvement or achievement in quality of life)

“I have to take this training, I can eventually learn to write good sales pages” (justification: make money, enrich my knowledge + need for achievement)

Appeal to emotions (emotional triggers)

What could be better than starting with a relevant quote from Dale Carnegie:

“When dealing with people, remember that you are not dealing with beings of reason, but with beings of emotion”.

When you encounter people, remember that they are not creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.

Simply put, when people want to buy something, they make an emotional decision, not a logical one.

If you have an iPhone today, you didn’t buy it just because it takes great pictures or it’s the best phone.

You have decided to get yourself a branded phone from Apple as it shows high social status. This is not a logical decision as you can have a better performing phone at the same price. It is an emotional decision.

You must try to build an emotional connection with your prospects/customers by connecting your product with as many emotions as possible.

Here’s an example :

I am selling training to teach you how to write sales pages that convert in record time.

What emotions can I associate with this product?

  • flourishing;
  • pride of achievement;
  • increased confidence;
  • save time and money;
  • personal reputation, etc.

Here are some examples:

Thank you [mon produit, ma stratégie ou ma technique] You will be able to cut your work time in half, which means you will have more time to spend with your family or your kids.

Thank you [mon produit, ma stratégie ou ma technique] You are going to stop wasting your money on ads that make you nothing and end up writing sales pages that make you. And with the money you’re going to stop losing, you can go on vacation halfway around the world.

The goal of this copywriting technique is simple, just connect your product or service to an emotional trigger like I did before.

story telling (storytelling)

Everyone knows that Steve Jobs built Apple in his garage, but no one knows the story of Samsung or Huawei.

This is completely normal, as it is part of their marketing strategy.

Apple doesn’t just sell phones, Apple sells dreams, emotions and stories. This strategy allows the loyalty of more and more people and hence improves the customer relationship.

Here’s an effective content plan in storytelling that was invented by Joseph Campbell (this plan was used to write Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Lion King…) movies.

Grab Attention With a Motivational Title

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people read only the headline before deciding to read the rest? This statistic proves the importance that a well-crafted headline can make a difference.

Plus, by taking the time to work on your headline, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate on your website to promote optimization and natural context.

David Ogilvy, a great copywriter also has a rule that says you should spend 50% of your time on the title, and the other half on the sales pitch. (David Ogilvy’s 50-50 Rule)

Now that you understand the impact your title can have on your sales page, I’ll give you a 4-Step Method Coined by the famous 20th century copywriter Michael Masterson:

4U Formula

  • Helpful: If your content is useless to your customers, why should they care about you?
  • Unique: Uniqueness is highly valued by readers, because if they’ve seen content similar to yours from your larger competitors before, why should they stick with you? You will be considered a worse copy than the original…
  • Hyper-Specific: Numbers are a very easy way to be specific, because readers love the uniqueness of knowing exactly what they’re going to get.

for example :

I 7 TTechnique Copywriting to boost your online sales

  • Urgent: Urge is used to persuade readers to open an email, read an article, buy a product and all in their interest because your valuable advice will help them.

Here are some words to apply to your titles:

Now, Immediately, Immediately, Limited time offer, Limited access, Last day…

Necessary: When you write your title don’t forget to add keywords with your theme so as not to miss the goals and to improve your SEO, let’s move on to the next technique of copywriting.

Features vs Benefits

“You don’t have to sell the drill, you have to sell the hole it made.”

Michael Aguilari

Why do you want to buy training?

Because it lasts 3h30?

Or, because it has a PowerPoint?

Or because it was filmed with a 10,000€ camera?


Because it answers a painful problem you’re having?


What is the difference between a feature and an advantage?

A characteristic is that which includes the product, its composition.

A benefit is what the product can bring to you.

Let’s take a concrete example:

  • Properties : 10go of storage
    • the gain: With this mp3 you can store more than 10,000 songs.
  • Properties : Waterproof canvas, unbreakable aiguillette and genuine oak wood handle
    • Benefit: This umbrella protects you from the harmful rays of the sun and protects you from rain even when it rains heavily.

Now that you understand the difference between an attribute and an advantage, you can start writing your Bullet Points!

Incubation process (working while at rest)

work while resting? What is it telling us?

The incubation process is a technique that will let your brain work “in the background”.

When you focus on your sales page for hours, after a while you will saturate it.

The best thing to do in such times is to take some time out for rest.

And during this time when you are resting, your brilliant mind will go on working and looking for ideas.

This is called the incubation process, and I’m sure it’s happened to you before, it’s when you least expect that our best ideas come out. This simple technique will allow you to improve your content without doing anything…

“The incubation process is the power of your subconscious to use all of your knowledge and experience to solve a specific problem, and its effectiveness is determined by timing, focus, creativity, environment, and l’ego.”

Joseph Sugarman

To finish

I gave you 7 techniques Copywriting that I found important and which you will be able to implement tonight directly in your sales pages. Of course I can’t put all my knowledge in there otherwise the article would have been endless…

Do you know one or more of the 7 copywriting techniques presented to me?

Do you have any other techniques I didn’t mention that you would like to share?

I’ll tell you soon.

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